The Buckingham Blues Band - Too Much Stuff

in #music7 months ago

The Buckingham Blues Band performing Too Much Stuff by Delbert McClinton:

If I don't start posting more of our original music, then I'm likely to leave you with the impression that ours is predominantly a cover band. I'm cool with that for now... The original recording of this one (from 1997, One of the Fortunate Few) featured Delbert trading verses with John Prine and Lyle Lovett - I'm not sure if they wrote their own verses (seems like they might have). We play a few Delbert songs, as the style and instrumentation is complementary to our lineup.

Since my last check-in we had the pleasure of hosting Vanessa Collier on the inside stage, and a fantastic show it was! She is a talented young woman who I had not previously heard, and I was pleasantly surprised that her freshly assembled quintet was so tight, and more surprised that it included Laura Chavez!

Laura is one of the finest guitarists ever to set foot on our stage. I met her in the late 2000's when she was playing with Candye Kane's band, and I was playing bass with the Sean Carney band - we had some Florida gigs in common, and I was super impressed with her style. I haven't followed all of her freelance activity since Candye died, but she was here a couple years back with a different band - forgetting the name, but remembering her playing - I was not thinking I'd be seeing her (clip ctsy FB friend), and it made my night!

We followed up the next week with Ana Popovic on the outside stage. Another success - band was tight, she rocked it! There were horns. Some clips:

The weather has been workable so far this season - may it cooperate for a couple few more⛅️. If you're going to be in the neighborhood (SW FL) and you like live music of this kind, you might like to see what's happening at the Buckingham Blues Bar. Terry Hanck Band on the horizon!



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