Strange! video opens me here and on YouTube ...

Oh that's odd! Maybe it's my area?

Hi, that's odd, video has NOT geographical restrictions, though the song is copyrighted to Sting the reason I host the videos on youtube is cos they have a system where you can wait until the copyright holder claims it, so they place an ad on your video, some of them then allow to "share revenue" from that add (which is the case in this one) so it's all "properly" done. It should play but sometimes youtube have some random errors on their servers, It works fine for me and apparently for others. Would you mind going to youtube directly?
It's last upload, I'm also grateful if you could leave a comment there as youtube takes feedback as a reason to boost the videos, but more because I'm curious to see if you have issues on their app directly or with this particular video.

Thank you :) yes so far only @revisesociology has reported the issue, but keeping an eye on it, the video has no restrictions as I'm on "sharing" on their add, I mean, the ad that plays on the video goes to the author of the song, and they share a little revenue with me.

It said the same thing on the modal post view (in peakd) but worked on the grid view.

Ah OK that's good to know, one to report to @peakd maybe??