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RE: Blessed Lammas/ Lughnasadh (Harvest Day) and Fields of Gold COVER and video

in #music11 days ago (edited)

I was wondering how you'd go with this cover when I saw the title and damn you did it beautifully! Also I had a major bias because I like this song XD

Couldn't find the rattie though as Youtube was being stupid (it could have also been some mangulated embed code on this end) so could only play from the grid view which is kind of small.


Oh the rattie is really easy :) I don't know why it plays on the grid I just embedded the code as I usually do, but if you go to likely you'll see it full screen, still it's a rather obvious one, not difficult to spot this time. Well my channel is not devoted to covers and there is lots of original music on the way but I'm doing some covers of songs that meant to me as a child specially this year of having more time indoors