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If you’re into classical music that will take you on a journey, then I invite you to listen to the brand-new composition by American composer Brian Field called Kaleidoscope. Check it out on Spotify here:

Review of ‘Kaleidoscope’ by composer Brian Field

The world is full of uncertainty at the time of writing this, the stock market is down, cryptocurrency markets are down, the war in Ukraine seems to have no end in sight and people all over the world are filled with worries, doubts and fears. In times like these, it is absolutely essential to have something that pulls us back from that dark place our mind can take us to, also known as depression. In my opinion, music is perfect for this, as it is a powerful tool (if used correctly). I had the pleasure of listening to (and writing about) composer Brian Fields album called ‘Vocal Works’ and it really moved me. If you haven’t read my review, check it out here: https://hive.blog/music/@tanbay/vocal-works-by-brian-field-album-review

I was delighted when I discovered that Field has a new composition called Kaleidoscope. While Spotify lists it as a ‘Single’, it is so much more than that, as the title suggests. ‘Kaleidoscope’ means ‘a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements’ and that is a rather suitable description of what this 13 minute work of art really is.

I was surprised to hear a xylophone at the beginning that is playing a melody that somehow reminds me of time passing by, perhaps a thought inspired by all the recent negative events I mentioned earlier. There is urgency and a sense of wonder within the opening of this composition, I almost want to say it sounds magical. This could definitely be part of a Soundtrack for a Netflix show or a movie. The first minute features a beautiful build up, with more and more instruments joining in and making it sound ever more grandiose! The interesting thing is that it does start off quite mysterious and almost dark sounding, but then it transforms into quite a happy melody once the piano starts to play at about 1 minute into the piece. The piano is accompanied by strings and if I had to describe what this feels like for me, I’d say it sounds like the dawn of a new era, or the sunrise in the morning after a rainy night. Something that you’d hope to happen and you’re very grateful that it does.

The strings, piano and all the other instruments are in such a harmony that even people with perfect pitch should be impressed. I just love how the piano provides the backbone and the string instruments are like the icing on a cake. No percussion necessary. This peaceful section continues until the horn instruments start to signal that a change is about to happen.

The next section starts at about 4:20 minutes and it starts to get more serious-sounding again. I now feel like this part could be used for a scene of a warrior that is on an adventure, it reminds me of fictional adventure stories like ‘The Lord of the Rings’, for example. The piano is now playing a more serious-sounding melody (as in darker, more mysterious) and the string instruments follow suit. This entire composition so far also reminds me of life itself; a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. Somehow, it makes me feel like I’m on an adventure, which is exactly what I want from music that I listen to. At about 6 minutes everything changes again and it starts to become a little more ‘sunny’ sounding, that is to say it sounds happier and brighter. But the underlying horn instruments still sound like they are a little darker, almost like they are reminding the listener not to get too comfortable as there is still plenty to come!

The next section that moves me starts at about 8:45 minutes. I now feel like I am heading towards facing a final villain, or a final hurdle that I have to overcome, before I (the listener) will hopefully get a happy ending. I don’t know why, but the part at 10 minutes gives me a mental image of a room full of dancers who do a mixture of ballet and ballroom dancing to the music. There is also (kind of) a continued simplicity in this that I really enjoy. The xylophone plays a very simple melody at times, sometimes the piano takes over, sometimes the tempo changes and half notes are played and towards the end it sounds like a waltz melody for a short while.

The composition ends with a ‘bang’ and I get my desired happy ending. It is hard to believe what I just witnessed a 13 minute ‘single’ and time flew by like it was nothing! Brian Field has done it again. The thing that always astonishes me about Field is that his work has so much energy in it. Certain classical composers just seem to put me to sleep, including some very big names, but Brian Field just has that special something that you can’t teach. On top of all the things that you actually can teach, obviously.

The recording was directed by Mihail Agafita and the Symphonic Orchestra of Moldova. I have to say that they did a phenomenal job, each instrument is played to perfection! The xylophone, the piano, the strings, and the harp are all beautifully played. It is an absolute pleasure to listen to this, even on repeat. You can find out more about the orchestra on the official Wikipedia page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ia%C8%99i_%22Moldova%22_Philharmonic_Orchestra

Another thing that I really appreciate about this composer is that he has an attention to detail that many others lack. Even the artwork done by Aude Brisson is very well crafted and a great reflection of what this composition is all about. I think a lot of people all over the world can listen to this, switch off for a short period of time and forget about isolation, pandemic, war and all the other problems.

Final Thoughts

After listening to Kaleidoscope on repeat for many hours now, I can safely say that this piece of music is suitable to be enjoyed in many different scenarios. You could listen to this and focus all your attention on it and it will amaze you. Or you can listen to it while reading, cleaning, cooking, gardening, or it could be used as a soundtrack for a variety of projects like I mentioned earlier. But one thing is for sure: Whenever I hear it, something about it just feels (and certainly sounds) right. Even when I listen to other music, I still think about this astonishing composition and I’m just very grateful that I got the chance to listen to it.

For all those reasons, I can only recommend that you do yourself a favour and listen the new ‘single’ Kaleidoscope and to all the other incredible music by Brian Field and make sure to follow him on social media. Here are the official links:

Kaleidoscope☞ https://olimmusic.com/brian-field-kaleidoscope/
Official Website☞ https://www.brianfield.com/
Facebook☞ https://www.facebook.com/brian.field.779
Wikipedia☞ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_T._Field

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