'Ride N Roll' by Mowille // Music Review

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If you’re into Afrobeat mixed with Trap music, then I invite you to check out the new song by UK artist Mowille called ‘Ride N Roll’. Check out the song right now on your favourite streaming platform: https://ffm.to/mowille_ridenroll

‘Ride N Roll’ Song Review

The song starts off with a catchy electric guitar melody and as soon as the beat kicks in at about 25 seconds into the song it becomes obvious that Adedamola Durodola, a.k.a. Mowille, is an artist that will make it very far in the music world if he can continue to release tracks like this one! I can only agree with a comment on the Soundcloud page of this song that says ‘wow that chorus is everything! I’m on a Ride N Roll yoh’. The chorus is indeed a very interesting mixture of Afrobeat and Trap. While it sounds overall happy, the beat is giving a certain depth to it that really takes it to another level and makes it rock.

But what really makes this song stand out from many others so far are the vocals by Mowille. Not only is there a strength to the voice that almost makes me think this artist had vocal training, there are also many parts in this song (and I’ve only heard the intro and the first chorus so far) where the vocal performance really gives this tune a character of its own and makes it memorable as well.

The verse is just as strong as the chorus and here the storytelling really begins, at the same time the bass line is taking a break for the first part of this verse, which is a smart move. By the time the chorus kicks in again, you will have done so much head-banging that your neck is starting to hurt. This is interesting, because while this song is quite slow tempo-wise, it does actually rock all the way through and the powerful vocal performance by Mowille will certainly make you want to listen to more by this artist.

The final verse is just as good as the second one and here we have a lot of vocal overlays, which gives it an even more professional touch. The song ends with one last chorus and I have to once again quote one of the comments on the soundcloud page, as I totally agree: ‘this is just perfect. I am happy to ride and roll.’

While this track was written by Adedamola Durodola a.k.a. Mowille, it was produced by GC Beats and mastered by Artstillbeats and both the mixing and mastgering are prefect, after listening to this track several times in a row now I could not find any flaws. In other words, this is mixed and mastered to a very high standard and I can easily see this being included in plenty of Playlists and as I said at the beginning I think this artist will go very far!

For all those reasons I can only recommend you check out the song ‘Ride N Roll’ by Mowille! Here are the official links:


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