TXR Soundcloud Weekly Contest Winner - Week #122!

in #music10 months ago

Welcome to the presentation of Week #122 Winner!


It's 'Nightmare' by Loki



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I do like this 'winner'!

Trying to figure how you are using your accounts: This track 'Nightmare' is yours, correct? Couldn't find the track posted in eg your NewenX account. You may have some other account for your electronic work?
When not, am wondering why you all make it so complex. Why using a Soundcloud based Contest to bring your work to the attention of HIVE users? Why not using your own account for this? Your Nightmare track has a video version on YouTube. I would think you would combine that one with your Soundcloud track and a post describing a few things, or just your own thoughts (I think HIVE likes the video side of things as well, reason why I mention this). You may even mix your 'alter-ego' in a single account on HIVE, or keep them separate, but I would opt to combine them somehow and make the most out of HIVE in the way it (the community) likes it :) Anyway, I'm just rambling, dont mind me :)

Hello! Thanks for the comment but you got this all wrong. First of all this song is not mine. All my music goes into my NewenX profile. I would never ever make myself the winner of this contest because that would be riddiculous wouldn't it? I'm not making anything complex, this profile is for my website and all its features including the contest, my NewenX profile is for my NewenX music and Loki music (I see the confusion there but this Loki is not me, my music under the name Loki is Rap and Trap). Anyway, all good though, cheers!