cxcmusic Is It Safe? Asking For Access To View Usernme (Hiveslinger)?

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It won't link my account for the music I posted earlier by the look of it and when i click hive login below it states the following

The app cxcmusic is requesting access to view your current account username.

All I want to know is is that a safe or dangerous thing to do it does say in the hiveslinger window this message appears in logging in that you can revoke access any time, but does access grant control to my funds as it says it gives them posting privileges?

If someone could let me know i'd be very greatful thanks.


I have no idea, but the guy posting in CXC earlier this year, douglas, seems genuine, at least in all his music videos in which he gives his views of some of the lesser know bands and singers and their music. Hivesigner should be find I think, the usr/pwd doesnt leave your laptop. But you write: Hiveslinger (in title and in post body).. it's defintely not Hiveslinger, but should be Hivesigner, same stuff when you log into eg PeakD, or

Lol cheers, I'll wait on it his article for a further response if that comes, I just want to be double damn sure before I go any further with it, I do however thank you for the correction signer not slinger lol. And for the data on the creator cheers qsounds.

Did you get anywhere with CXC by now?

I gave up on it in the end i posted 2 songs nothing really came of it i may just stick to what I understand and know my current method of posting here sorry but thanks any way.

Though I like the music reviews of this guy from CXC, his service is a bit spammy in my view :(

I like his channel love what his doing just can't get to grips with it and seems very little interest but should have a lot more, and yes somewhat appearance of being spammy although hear it is not.