[ESP/ENG] Demos Gracias al Señor | Boda Eclesiástica 19/08/23 || Karen Manrique [Misa]

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Seguimos con los cantos de misa, en esta oportunidad te presento este tema llamado “Demos gracias al señor”. Hay que tener en cuenta que los cantos varían según el tipo de ceremonia sea, en esta ocasión son cantos para una boda.

En esta oportunidad estoy acompañando a estas chicas talentosas con hermosas voz.

¡Espero que lo disfruten! 😊🎻

We continue with the mass songs, on this occasion I present to you this song called “Let us give thanks to the Lord.” It must be taken into account that the songs vary depending on the type of ceremony, on this occasion they are songs for a wedding.

On this occasion I am accompanying these talented girls with beautiful voices.

I hope you enjoy! 😊🎻

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The fact that music is sang in Spanish adds a lot of beauty to it all. Maybe it is because I am learning Spanish that made it warms my heart.

The voices and instruments were in one accord. I love it.

Thank you very much and yes listening to music in Spanish is very nice, it has a different harmony than when it is sung in English.

i do agree with this. And I appreciate the usage of the language