Lifeline for CURIE - We need your help

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Hey Steemians From Planktons to Whales

Being one of the oldest curation team on The Steem Blockchain, almost everyone here would have somehow heard of @curie or have seen the votes on your account or your friend's account here.

@curie has been a vital part of the STEEM Blockchain as their curators would seek out exceptional posts from new and existing authors and give these authors an upvote more then the average of what you would normally get when you are new to this platform.

I'm sure you remember how it felt when you first received a nice FAT upvote !! It does make an impact on a steemian's journey here and helps motivate authors to continue to create great content. Its a real boost in user retention and most of all, the retention of great talents on Steemit. Let me share an FB post from @cbppls who is a musician, singer & songwriter . This was after he received an upvote from @curie

The Link which was upvoted by @curie

Working in Silence

@curie has never announced that the post was upvoted by @curie. Even the curators do not require to be acknowledged that they were the one who found your post exceptional. They would just evaluate then submitted to curie with hopes that the post would be upvoted.

@curie's curators are evaluated and even penalized for recommending posts which goes beyond the guidelines of getting an upvote. The practise of Givers Gain has always been a common practice within the curation team as they know that when they help other steemians, the help would be reciprocated back in some way.

What CURIE needs

We are in real need of DELEGATION for this project to continue, so if you can pitch a helping hand no matter how small or how big it would be much appreciative.

I want to help with 10SP

I want to help with 50SP

I want to help with 100SP

I want to help with 500SP

I want to help with 1000SP

Curie does not have the budget to pay current market rate for SP delegation but can give a small symbolic weekly return for major delegation (100,000 SP+ delegation). Please contact us on Discord to talk details:

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Do provide a helping hand , there is no obligation however every little but will matter as we would love to continue to keep growing and supporting the community within.

Cheers @bitrocker2020


I have absolutely no SP at all to contribute. At the very least, I will resteem this.

that's good enough for now =D thanks ... cya in KK soon

Give back time..I received @curie once, and it was such a glorious thing to wake up to! In light of that, I really think @curie is on the right track for making Steemit a better platform for quality content creators.

50 SP delegated, followed trail.

Much love,

Pushed 10SP into it, not much but that's what i can afford to give at this time ;-;

Remember that if you don't have SP but is super grateful towards what @curie had done, remember that you can also choose to vote @curie as witness :)

alrite will do it! yiha

Am in on this one 😀

thanks afifa ! really appreciate it

10 sp will out for this at the moment to help

thanks buddy ! much appreciated

you welcome bro. my pleasure to help out

Though I have never been upvoted by @curie before I did heard of the great things their curator teams have done for the community. So to see @curie in this stage is really saddening. Unfortunately, no matter how sad I feel there is absolutely nothing I can do as I'm just a little minnow with very little SP. All I can do is resteem this post for more visibility. Hopefully it can help a little.

every little bit counts .. thanks for the kind gesture of resteeming

I always support curie trail, thanks for the awesome work and reports!.

Great job bro. Curie is actually the saviour of steem in my opinion. WIth all the whales drama, its always great to think that curie still exists and silently contributing to steem. Great initiative with curie!

cheers bro @tngflx .. appreciate it

The moment i hit 10 SP, i shall delegate.
Would that work?

I still do not understand what delegation actually means or does.

Delegate would be borrowing your steempower to another account. Only delegate when you have more then 50sp else you may run out of bandwidth on your own accounts

Okay. @zord189 advised me the same. Thanks Simon.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’m slowly getting into delegation, just now delegated 3% of my SP to @curie.

Thanks so much for the delegation @preparedwombat

Vote, resteem, and support. A witness vote will help them a lot more. So cast your witness vote. 🔼

Cheers @legebdchew .. Both witness votes and delegation would help @curie just as much. Thanks for the shoutout

I love Curie and am happy to contribute a small delegation now and a larger one in a few weeks when I'm able to buy more SP myself. Great work you're doing to help build quality on the platform.

I do wish you'd add another category for things related to self-improvement/happiness/psychology/spirituality and such. I think it deserves its own category as much as any of the existing ones do. I would be most interested in finding curated posts in that topic area.

Still learning but would like to SP but will resteem to generate awareness.
Givers Gain :)


Hopefully, this will give a little support to many great new talents... Cheers!

Thanks bro.. Every little bit counts