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RE: My trip to Teton and Yellowstone National Parks USA

Hey there, love your post, I've only been to the typical 'tourist' city in the east and west coast of the States (NY, California, Las Vegas, Orlando...), but have seen so many awesome posts all around America that people post on Hive. Really need to do a long trip out there when this beast leaves us.

By the way, I'm part of the @Pinmapple curation team and we're dedicated to curate travel content on Hive. That's where all the best and cool travellers hang out on Hive 😎

You can post your travel content from our community and pin your travel posts on to build up your personal travel map on Hive. It helps to get greater support and exposure on Hive in the long run. Just click on the 'get code' at the top of the map and follow the instructions or check out the FAQ. Hope to see you soon.