Trapped by snow in Sestriere - Italy / MyPictureDay

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I spent an amazing week skiing in Sestriere - Italy. Well , more like 4 days of skiing because for 3 days everything froze due to the 3m of snow that we had. 

Unfortunately I can't add panoramic images here so I will link them :

Then this happened : 

Huskies exhausted after pulling the sled 

Finally , we had a nice "piadina " 


lot and lot of snow !! Beautiful pictures..

Woww.. it looks that you had a blast in winter wonderland! The Huskies are sooo cute;)

WOW! What a trip! The snow is so beautiful and you have some amazing memories I am sure. My #3 bucketlist is Dog Mushing. Did you enjoy? I have always dreamed of Remote Mushing in the Laplands of Sweden with a stop at the Ice Hotel and of course hoping to see the Northern Lights. Thanks for bringing one of my dreams alive again!