Unfinished Story. Banksy's graffiti in Ukraine. Irpin

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I hate loose ends. Instead, I love the feeling of completion. I've started the series of Banksy's graffiti that he created in Ukraine in November 2022. So far, I showed you photos from Hostomel, Borodyanka part 1 and part 2.

Today I gonna show you Irpin. It is a small, cozy and modern satellite city of Kyiv. At least it was like that until February 24, 2022. These photos were captured in a year, on Feb 25th 2023. I was driving on the navigator. And although I saw a lot that day, this place was a shock.


Here is it, "Girl on a Ball" by Banksy. If it were not for the protective frame, it would have an even more impressive appearance. A young gymnast with a bandage on the neck. She is balancing with a ribbon over the shell hole in the wall.


Ukraine took the place of the leader in world rhythmic gymnastics. We have had a strong school of this sport since the 1970s (23 medalists of international championships). A strong woman is one of the symbols of our country, and Banksy always uses socially significant and understandable images.


Because Banksy drew the attention of the world community to the extent of destruction in Irpin, the city council voted to make Banksy an honorary resident of Irpin.


Another fact that became known a week ago. This house is going to be demolished. The graffiti will be preserved, but it is not yet known in what form. Maybe it will be an art object. Maybe it will be moved somewhere.

Except me and my husband, there were other people here who came to see the graffiti. They took selfies and posed against the background of graffiti. Maybe I should have? I just couldn't. I was looking for an association for my feeling... It was like taking a picture with a dead person.




After I took photos of the graffiti from different angles, my husband and I explored the neighborhood. We walked into the yard.


Here everything was a complete contrast and horror. Survivors are parked next to burnt cars. In the neighborhood of the burned-out apartment, someone covered the window opening with a baby blanket. There were traces of explosions everywhere on the asphalt. Every few meters. And everything around had traces of shrapnel. I thought with horror about what was happening here.



Above all, I was struck by walls like this. My husband said that they were fired upon at close range. For what? Why?






Guys are recording a video report.


The inscription on the black car - "Elit Taxi". I don't have words.


You probably recognize a very popular phrase about Putin since 2014 authored by Ultras - fans of the "Metalist" football club in Kharkiv. I'll not translate it.


Something hit here as well.



For some reason, it was here for the first time that I saw what this yard was like before those terrible days. Someone is riding a bicycle, a group of teenagers is walking a dog. Children were playing in the yard, and someone shouted "Ma-a-am!". And now there is a creaking silence.




Strangers with cameras and phones walk here now. They photograph, film, record stories. Someone is accused and something is demanded. But nothing else here reminds of the quiet, comfortable life that was here until February 24. Now it's just scenery. Scenery.


This is how "Banksy's" building looks from afar. No wonder they are going to demolish it. There is nothing to restore.



We are heading to the neighboring building. Obviously, it was built recently. Judging from the pit, one building has already been demolished.




Actually, some quarters of Irpin have already been restored, and they now look even better than before. Many houses are in the process of restoration. But here everything is not much better than it was a year ago.




Look closer at these cars.


"SEASON OF HAPPINESS"... couldn't be better





The residents of this high-rise building hope that their housing can be restored. This is evidenced by a large banner on the facade. But it is obvious that things are not going well. Maybe because of the lack of money, or maybe because of the technical condition.






Well, I don't know... Looks sad, but I'm not en engineer.







I took many photos on that day, and I'll not publish them all of course. Let's move on.

On our way home I saw House of Culture of Irpin. It was a beautiful building! With colorful paintings. It needs restoration too.






I found graffiti here too!



It's getting dark, and we're heading home. We were both hungry so we stopped at a gas station on our way home. It was one of two standing one by one that has survived.





A shopping mall once was across the street...





Well, that's all for today. Luckily, I edited most of these photos much earlier, so today it didn't take me too much time. Thank you for making it to the end! And thank you for the support that you always give to me. It means a lot. 🙏

Next time, I will share the last remaining part. Until then, take good care of yourself and your loved ones. And enjoy your day! Life is too short.

See you 🖤

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Hi @zirochka, I shared your post on /r/Ukraine subreddit, I hope you don't mind. It seems to be doing moderately well, you might see the view count rack up on this post. :-)

Of course I don't mind, thank you! 💙💛

Your photos reminded me of this famous picture from Stalingrad.

(Fountain Children’s Round Dance, Emmanuil Evzerikhin, 1942, Source: МАММ/МDF)

The face of war is the same regardless of the time in which it was fought. ..

I like the Italian journalist Curzio Malaparte (1898-1957). I remembered him. He was an Italian (fascist) war correspondent in 1941 in the USSR. For example, he wrote about how war stinks. Today's war smells of petrol and diesel. After a few days it smells like iron. But within weeks the battlefield reeks of corpses like Thermophyles...

But I'm just imagining it. The war in Ukraine concerns me, but it is 900 km away from me. I reckon it's about 10 minutes of ballistic missile flight.

You see what we ended up with. We measure distances by the flight time of the rocket 😢

Today, information and disinformation are even faster than the rocket... And sometimes both are more effective than the killing tool.

So very heartbreaking. And criminal.

I love that "Girl on a Ball" art by Banksy! 💗 The photos of the destruction are so sad, though. Still, I am glad you showed them, for those of us who haven't lived through something like that. 😢

What a massive amount of emotions these pictures create. I don't know what to comment first. And I think I'd better not, those images speak louder than words and I am not a native English speaker. At the end of this nightmare when light will win the darkness, hopefully sometime soon, all these will become historic lessons for the next generations. I just hope there will be people willing to learn.

At the end of this nightmare when light will win the darkness, hopefully sometime soon, all these will become historic lessons for the next generations

I would also like this for my children and grandchildren. But unfortunately, the human race quickly forgets the tragic past. It's only been 78 years since the end of the war and this is what we have...

This is sad but true. People don't change that much over the years hence mankind reproduces the same problems over and over again.


How much suffering and how much devastation, your photos speak so loud.
You too take care dear @zirochka. ❤

Thank you, Neli!

My thoughts are that these snaps are stunning, you have captured the moment, brought the horrors of destruction to us in a sympathetic manner. The street art is very moving too. Thank you for this post

Thank YOU!

Боже, яке жахіття!((( Нехай їхня рашка отримає таке ж, щоб відчули, що вони наробили!!!

Скоріше б уже...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Completion is the secret of success

Totally agree

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So disturbing, powerful and emotional photos... Still cannot believe this nightmare is real. It´s literally like scenes from a post apocalyptic movie. Heartbreaking. I hope the day when Putin burns in hell is coming...

You know, I thought I had seen a lot and should get used to it. But every time I see things like this, my eyes and my brain conflict.
Hope Putin will burn in hell, and not only him

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