Part 1/2 - CRACK ME UP!

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Dear Hivers

On behalf of my sister.

today I got a taste of something that I'm sure every nail polish enthusiast has known for a long time. I, since I don't consider myself a nail "cosmetics" expert, discovered this cool thing quite recently.


It's a nail polish that literally creates a crackled texture, called cracker polish. At first it seemed so wild and let me be honest, I didn't like it at all. But today the switch flipped and I just had to have this polish. But since I own a total of about 4 polishes plus 3 more that I got as a magazine gift and they are still intact and I'm not into it, I went to the Miss Sporty's rack. I wanted to try the old classic black & white. I have a white French polish at home, but I can tell you, never apply it as a floor polish. It dries terribly fast and makes ugly streaks, I thought. But it really doesn't. The nails looked quite repulsive, worn and unsightly in the final result. Well, I ended up going to get another plain white polish from shop, because, they didn't have plain white polish in any other rack. At home Only... Since I don't have maids or black people at home, I had to go wash the dishes and take care of our pets. Then to go wash and get a nice exfoliation and skin cleansing (more on that in another post :)) But now, most of the nail polish geeks here probably know what I'm going to talk about, so I'm looking at my nails and ... tomorrow I'm starting anew :D The polish has started to peel and my nails look scratchy, although I didn't do much again. The only saving grace I can see is the aforementioned Stronger (I've already written about it HERE) or better quality polishes. I'm going to try the former first, because I know myself and I know that my polishes don't last very long :)

What about you and polishes? Any favorites? Favourite colours?

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