Unexpected Assumption in NASA Documents: Flat Earth?

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The Oblate Spheroid Assumption

For most, the assumption is that the earth is spherical (or an oblate spheroid) that spins around like a top. This assumption is taught in all schools and universities and is accepted almost universally in all nations.

The earth is a spinning oblate spheroid rotating around the sun in the empty vacuum of space.


The Non-Rotating, Flat Earth Assumption

Something funny happens when it comes to real-world calculations. In order for any accurate study of flight and aircraft models, the assumption must be that the craft is flying above a "flat, non-rotating earth". These are their words, not mine.


If this assumption is not consistent with reality, why wouldn't they assume a spherical (oblate spheroid) rotating earth? The math should work with a spherical assumption... right?

Why assume a non-rotating flat earth? It is perhaps because the math doesn't work on a globe? It should work, right? The globe (oblate spheroid) is consistent with the reality we are presented with. The reality of the world that most have accepted.


From the NASA Website

There is a seriously inconvenient assumption made when it comes to mathematical calculations concerning airplanes, rockets and ballistics. In order to accurately calculate their trajectory or movement, they have to assume a flat, non-rotating earth.

They assume this. Most people would never accept this as an assumption. Why would NASA assume this of all organizations?

No Need To Explain this Assumption?

The multiple data analysts felt no need to explain or defend their "ridiculous" assumption. Why?

These documents can be found on the NASA website:












Re-Evaluating Assumptions

If the non-rotating flat earth assumption is not consistent with reality, shouldn't these documents be destroyed and replaced with new calculations using a rotating spherical (oblate spheroid) earth assumption? Why does NASA seem to be fine with an assumed non-rotating flat earth?

Should we change the math? Or maybe there is a better option: Perhaps we should re-evaluate our assumptions, so we can be consistent with mathmatical reality.

Something to consider.



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I think if you read these papers more fully you'll see that this assumption is made in order to simplify the mathematics, not because it is more accurate.

I advise everyone to read the papers more fully for context. False assumptions rarely lead to a true conclusion.


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