🏁 Contest - Maverick's 2/18 NASCAR Pick 'Em (50% SBD Payout) 🏁

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Welcome to Maverick's NASCAR Pick 'Em! Contestants receive 50% of this posts SBD earning on it's Steem payout date.


All Picks must be placed by 2:29pm EST, today.


All contestants are allowed one entry.

All contestants must upvote this post to be eligible to enter the contest.

The contestant with the most points after the race wins the contest. Any contestants tied for first will split the winnings.

Contestants choose a group of three (3) drivers to form their team.

The following point structure will determine the winner of the contest.

PlaceStage 1Stage 2Race
1st10 pts10 pts15 pts
2nd6 pts6 pts11pts
3rd5 pts5 pts10 pts
4th4 pts4 pts9 pts
5th3 pts3 pts8 pts
6th2 pts2 pts7 pts
7th1 pts1 pts6 pts
8th1 pts1 pts5 pts
9th1 pts1 pts4 pts
10th1 pts1 pts3 pts
11th-15th0 pts0pts2 pts
16th-20th0 pts0 pts1 pts
Lap Leader0 pts0 pts0.1 pt per lap

Entries should like something like this.

Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch

Please recirculate to help bring in more contestants and share the fun.

All enteries will be captured at 2:29pm est. Any changes after will not be credited.


Today's contest will cover the NASCAR Monster Cup Daytona 500

Good luck to all, and follow me for more sports pick 'em contests!


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The lap leader bonus is a good concept for races, I think it is going to be a scoring nightmare, but it should allow for some separation in the entries. This race should have a bunch of different lead changes. Keep up the good work.

I added it since it changes the scoring element. The NASCAR page does a great job of having the laps lead posted with race results. Easy add on to give some extra scoring to the event.

J. Johnson

Looks like a pretty good turnout for this first contest. Hopefully it will keep growing as the season progresses. Good luck.


Chase elliot
Kevin harvick
Kyle busch

Jimmie Johnson
Chase Elliott
Kevin Harvick

r blaney
c elliott
d hamlin

truex jr
kyle busch

What about Jeff Earnhardt? I guarantee there will be a couple longshots in the top 10, this is good race to take a shot due to all the wrecks.

Chase Elliott
Joey Logano
Kevin Harvick

Denny Hamlin
Martin Truex Jr.
Kyle Busch

Watching the race over my father's today! Thanks for putting on this Nascar Contest! Good luck all!

Good Luck.

Denny Hamlin
Brad Keslowski
Kyle Busch

Jimmie Johnson
Chase Elliott
Joey Logano

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