New Recipe for CBD Infused Lotion Bars

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I'm passionate about the CBD lotions I make. They help not only my own aches and pains, but those of friends and family too.

Today, I've made a three-in-one recipe. A little more than a kilo of product, split into three - two with a high CBD content and 1 with a super-high CBD content.


The first two will be made into my usual lotion bars - one in the 'Naked' range, with nothing added, and the other will have Essential Oils added.

The third will probably be a 'Naked' one too. This one has 1500mg CBD per 50g of product. That works out to a 3% content (3000mg CBD/100000mg product).

I make a 'Naked' range simply because some people have adverse affects from the Essential Oils and I really want to avoid any discomfort for any of my customers.

The recipe is a result of hours of mixing, testing and trials, not to mention giving samples out to potential clients.


'Naked' CBD Infused Lotion Bars
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Sunflower Lecithin
Vegetable Glycerine
CBD Isolate (0 THC)

To start, you'll need a double boiler - a pan of water and a mixing bowl that sits on top.

I set the water boiling and then drop the heat so the water simmers but isn't bubbling furiously under the mixing bowl.

The heat reduces the solid ingredients to liquid in a short time, so keep an eye on things. Some of my mixing bowls have been reformed by the heat and the vacuum effect of the water bubbling up out of the pan.


The aroma of the ingredients is delicious, of course. I test the mixture on my skin to make sure that it feels good. Too much beeswax and it leaves a residue that I don't like on my skin, but it does hold in moisture, so some may prefer it.

I have to say, my skin is amazing just lately. I usually suffer from sunburn, but even after being out for hours in the sunshine this Spring, I've not had any issue. I'm putting it down to the effects of the butters in the recipe, not to mention the CBD isolate's soothing effects on the dermis and epidermis.

Measure the CBD isolate carefully - I use a delicate scale for this, measurements to 0.001g.


Cocoa butter is solid and unyielding, whereas Shea butter has a softer consistency. I use them in equal measure in most of my recipes.

Beeswax takes the longest to melt. I use locally-sourced beeswax whenever possible.


Lecithin and glycerine are added once the mixture has melted.

Adding the CBD isolate to the mixture takes patience. Allow the mixture to cool a little before adding it and then make sure it's mixed in completely. I use an electric mixer.

The CBD Isolate I use is oil-soluble, not water soluble and therefore, it's dissolved by the oils in the butters.

The last thing to do is to pour the mixture into the moulds. Mine go into the refrigerator to set quickly. Once they are cold and solid, I pop them out of the moulds.



The 2% CBD-Infused lotion bars cost approximately £2 each and are sold by weight. The 3% bars cost approximately £3 each

I can make any of the recipes to order, of course, if a higher content of CBD is required.

Naked Lotion Bars


They look great! I met a lot of ladies at the Vancouver 420 Farmers Markets over the years, who made, used, and sold products like this. Some even have THC in them. All kinds of stuff was available, people came from distant provinces and states to get the stuff we had. Then came "legalization" and they raided/shut our market to make way for a corporate monopoly. 10 times the price, horrible quality and selection.

My wife @MediKatie wrote an article on cannabinoids as sun protection and for healing skin, if anyone's interested.

Thanks for commenting, @drutter. It's a shame that money always seems to take over and it's quality that pays the price.

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Those look like wonderful lotion bars, made with lots of love!

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Thank you. I do put a lot of time and effort into my recipes. These have failed I'm afraid (it happens) and I have to re-melt them and re-work them. They're a little too greasy, with the beeswax adding to the effect. I know what to do and I'll make an update post when I figure it all out.

Thank-you for being honest about what happened with this batch! Looking forward to the update post - @porters

Wow! Great recipe, and well lates our post. Thanks @blocktrades for showing this post some proper love!

That is some high CBD content. Is this expensive to make? I have been thinking lately that I would love to grow a CBD strain outdoor, and use it to make concentrate. My wife, and I love CBD tincture, but it can get a little pricey.

Thank you, @canna-curate. Yes, it's a high concentrate and unfortunately, it's more expensive than I'd like and I have to pass the costs on to my customers. Here in the UK, we're not allowed to grow our own, so we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you can grow it, I'd love to read about it.

Absolutely Thank you to @blocktrades!

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great post, tweeted!! Thank you for sharing everything so thoroughly. Love post like these.

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