Walk with Wonder


Do you see the world with wonder? When you walk in nature do you pause to see the small things and appreciate the beauty?

I know for me my 2 year old son is a constant reminder of how to find the wonder in life.

Kids don't rush through walks, they don't stay on the path, and they wander with wonder. Children inherently know they are enough, they are not trying to prove something or be something, they just are and they just be.

I watch my son explain with excitement as he sees clouds, rocks, birds, and it reminds me to pause and appreciate what is around me. To appreciate the turns off the path and where they bring me to surprises I never would have found otherwise.


To know I am enough just being my authentic self. I am grateful for these little moments where I can pause and be present and just be. So much of my life depends on me doing and being, Mindfulness allows me to focus in the moment and see myself as enough even when I am doing nothing.

Sharing a little love from Co. Prayers to everyone affected by yesterday's tragic events 🙏🏻💜






Nnice to see a post from you. Your boy is sure growing up!

Aww thank you! I am trying to be more social again. This last year really put me in my cave 😅💜💓 he is such a sweet heart, his voice is so angelic, he fits his name well 💕

We should never lose our soul as children, we enjoy life more, Great photos!

Aww I agree, I try and ask myself daily to be present in my childlike wonder. Thanks so much, I love the view of the mountains from there.