Biblical Medicinal Plants

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Thanks to globalization, cultural exchange is increasingly possible, this has led to the implementation of new techniques, studies, in all areas of knowledge, also highlighting the implementation of alternative methods, in the area of ​​health that has given rise to natural medicine, which has managed to make every day we take advantage of everything that nature offers us, as an alternative to combat and heal some health conditions.

In this sea of ​​information, highlights the prominence of plants which charge a leading role in the field of natural medicine, which originates from remote times, however, in this post, I want to emphasize its appearance, in Perhaps one of the most important and influential books in history, I refer to the Holy Bible, because in many of its verses, the importance of plants for the healing of the body is mentioned, and many plants and plants are even mentioned. its kindness for health. Herbs that currently have a leading role in natural medicine, and are used by the most prestigious herbalists worldwide.

The Holy Bible, contains in its sacred books a number of verses, which mention the plants and their importance as a means of healing the body, it is said that in this are indicated, about 130 plants.

One of the books that emphasizes medicinal plants and their application, is Ecclesiasticus 38: 4-6, states:

"God created the medicinal plants, and the intelligent doctor knows how to use them. With the branch of a tree
God once sweetened the water to show us his power. He gave us intelligence so we can admire his power. "

In this biblical passage, it highlights, the magnificence of God, which created medicinal plants, and indicates the ability of people with the knowledge to apply them, in this case the wisdom is represented by the doctor or person who uses it for fight any health condition.

Likewise, the Bible specifies some plants and their utilities among the most outstanding are:

  • Aloe vera: to combat skin conditions and as a purgative.
  • Ruda: plant antispasmodic and antiparasitic.
  • Star anise: One of the most used plants during biblical times, to improve digestion and against flatulence.
  • Garlic, as an antibiotic, to prevent heart disease, it is more, it is said that the workers of the Egyptian pyramids, consumed it to maintain its vigor.
  • Cinnamon, considered in those times as a more precious spice than gold, used for anointing and as a perfume for its exquisite smell.
  • Cumin: This was consumed by the ancient Israelites to help digestion and highlight the taste of their food.
  • Olive: It was considered a potent antihypertensive.
  • Menta: Plant used as an analgesic, to regulate digestion and confer a delicious aroma and flavor to the preparations.

As you see friends, these are some of the biblical plants, which bring health and well-being to our body, moreover, the sacred scriptures, are the evidence that the power of the plants was used since those times, in addition, it is a great contribution and testimony, for those who love natural medicine and for future generations to feel the power of nature as God's work to heal many lives.

Friends I hope you like my post, they love you very much.

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