Mindful Life Curation 1st Week March 2020


Welcome to Mindful Life curation where we support our Abundancers whole-heartedly.

We are going through some major changes here on the Steem blockchain and this can be quite stressful. There has perhaps never been a better time to focus on mindfulness and meditation to make sure that we can cast the uncertainty aside and have a much fun creating content as possible.

@bewithbreath is hosting twice weekly meditations in our Mindful Life Discord server - join in for midweek or weekend peace. It's a lovely reminder to focus on breath.


Speaking of breath, our let us bring our attention to its healing effect, getting into how it improves our immune system.

@zydane shares the following insight:

One habit that I noticed in myself years ago and still notice in my clients to this day is shallow chest breathing instead of deep belly breathing.

My osteopath told me earlier today that even she has to remind herself to enforce the most basic habits like relaxing her shoulders. Similarly, no matter how ingrained the importance of breath, it is always good to go back to it in order to promote optimal health, both mental and physical. This article promotes a belly breath, with longer exhales than inhale, which is a widespread yoga exercise, make sure to check it out for more detail.

I also want to mention another powerful article by the same author on spending time addressing one's darker side. It is titled Integrating the Shadow.

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We have some powerful insight from @tryskele on her Mindful Monday who's musings touch on the motivation to be an author.

Like life on Steemit. Sure you can post pictures of your big toe or write about a dream you had last night. Sadly, sometimes that big toe picture will 'make more' than the post you made about your dream. If you let that one instance write the story for your Steemit life you are doomed. So what is your choice at that point? Start taking pictures of your big toe? Keep writing about your dreams? Which will help you feel like you accomplished something? For some it's the big toe ...for the majority it's sharing the dream.

And then...

When we discuss motivation you have to know what motivates you. While others can inspire you, your motivation comes from within. What motivates you will not necessarily motivate another. We are all unique in how we work.

These powerful words can perhaps remind us that this community runs on love, not money. When we get to see our fellow abundancer struggling with inspiration, we can learn some valuable lessons and witness tremendous value of vulnerability.

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It's hard to know exactly how much interest to take in politics. On the one hand, you want to be involved to know who to vote for and hopefully contribute to a better future. On the other, politics can feel like your parents are getting divorced all over again and you have to pick a side... or something like that!

In the next entry, @trucklife-family helps us establish boundaries around such stressful topics:

Stress in our lives, knocks us out of balance and causes our bodies to release cortisol and adrenaline, the fight or flight hormones(adrenal system). We rely on this when we are experiencing life threatening situations, but our bodies are reacting like this to stress in our everyday lives, from our work, to the environment we live in, to the propaganda that is being shoved down our throats.


Giving fear just the amount of power that it needs, no more, no less, is a challenging task. Meditation and mindfulness are amazing practices when it comes to knowing your limits and limiting exposure to stressful topics. You can find the post here.

@joseeb introduces us to some potent life improving eastern practices here.

I was surprised to hear Reiki be described as a Japanese practice since I was under the impression that its founder Mikao Usui was a doctor from the University of Chicago. A quick Wikipedia search debunked the myth:

Although there are many stories extant in the United States that Mikao Usui earned a doctorate of theology at the theological seminary of the University of Chicago, it is evident from further research that he never attended, let alone received any degree from the University of Chicago.

Interesting to note that reiki came to the United States during the early 20th century and that many of the original cohort of practitioners were trained there.

I was very happy to hear about these 3 practices from @joseeb and feel encouraged to maintain a high spiritual hygiene.

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Regardless of the heated debate roaring in the crypto sphere right now and one for which Steem is quite central, we are lucky to bond over the practice of meditation which is both relaxing and healing.

What are you reflecting on in your mindful life this week?

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Thanks for the mention. I rather enjoy writing for this community!

It was an absolute pleasure to read you, by taking a small responsibility with the Tribe, I get to make sure I walk along your side on this gorgeous journey!

Thank you for the much needed Zen vibes and positivity! :>)

It wouldn't be the same without our laughter yoga XD

Thank you for the good vibes and the invitation to focus on something positive! The more I check in here, the more I realize that I would really like to write more with this community in mind... exploring the connection between art, creativity and better mental/emotional/spiritual health, perhaps.

Time will tell!

For the moment, I feel a lot of gratitude for the fact that my creative process does feel like a meditation.

I see that you are considering a small delegation to join the fun on our discord. That would be great but completely unnecessary for me to appreciate you as a human being. Love your 3D paintings!

Wonderful features for this week's edition!!