What's Going on In The Natural Health and & Healing World: Curation #65


Hi everyone, @giftoflove here dropping in to share some weekly curation love with you. <3 We always have such great posts in the @NaturalMedicine feed, it is a pleasure to highlight some of my favorites! First I want to share the exciting news that we are also doing another great challenge in collaboration with the Build-it Tribe! We are giving away over 150 Steem + 1000 Build and Lotus Tokens!!!!

This challenge is a little different because we're going to ask you to 'make' your own project from scratch - something you have never made before but always wanted to. We want you to document it as a step by step 'how to' in an engaging and creative a way as possible.

Please join us! You can read more about it Here


Mindful Monday - Becoming More Aware of the Current Moment...

@Porters reminds us how important it is to be mindful, and provides some real world techniques to attain a better state of presence.

Living your life fuller, living more in the now, begins with becoming more aware of the current moment.

living in the now.jpg


Proper Hydration: Not All Water is Equal

@GardenofEden posts some great information about the importance of Hydration and the ways it affects the body.

"The human body is some 70% water, and it serves many purposes: "

  • regulates body temperature
  • transports nutrients
  • encourages glowing skin
  • flushes waste products through sweat and urine
  • moistens tissues and lubricates joints
  • fundamental to digestion and metabolism

There is really great info in about alkalinity and absorbability which is often overlooked as something we have control over in our daily wellbeing practices.

There is no known disease that can survive in an alkaline state.-- Dr. Axe



Of Life and Gratitude

@dswigle takes us on a beautiful journey into the realms of gratitude and how we move through our day with her own artistic photography and written word.

I love my life. Truly, truly. I love people. An assorted variety, from all walks of life. I do. When you love; always love generously - until the end of time. Just love with joyful abandon. Be the person who plants the seeds and spreads random acts of kindness and beautiful gestures that make your heart pliable and soften. With the widespread hate circling our globe, it is in our best interest to load up the scales to tip our way. Hate is an everyday occurrence, but, I cannot think of a more powerful emotion than love, can you? It reaches farther into the soul than any other sentiment. Live out loud. Love out loud. The more you love, the more you will have to give – what a paradox.



@andrewfleming caught my attention with this brilliant post about Hemp 3D printed homes and windows that collect solar energy.


@fenngen writes about the importance of healers in the world, and his experiences and gratitude for the gift they bring. This really touched my heart.



My top three favorite recipe posts:

@Anggreklestari shows us how to make homeade noodles with Moringa.

@Lotusfleur shares a delicious breakfast smoothie recipe.

@homesteadhippy takes us through a very simple process to make low carb, gluten-free and Keto fudge balls, just perfect for the holidays.

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A particularly lovely looking curation! Nice formatting!! :) Thinking hard about the Build It challenge.

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Lovely collection of posts - thanks for pulling them together for us and for including mine! There were a few I had missed so it's great to have them highlighted!

Thank you @porters <3 I really love the down to earth way you write.

@naturalmedicine, In this series we always get an opportunity to explore the Awakening Journeys, Ideas and Thought Process of diversified individuals.

Keep up with this Curation Work team. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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You really know how to put together a lovely post. It's nice to have these @naturalmedicine links right at our fingertips. I really enjoyed @dswigle, always so positive and uplifting. The world needs more LOVE.
Thanks for all you do @giftoflove. Outstanding.

Thank you @farm-mom! I agree the world needs more love. <3 <3 <3

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