Awesome! Would love to see the differences in our phenotypes! Cannabis is so amazing. Been fun watching your grow in Discord when you ask questions. Would be cool if you had a grow log too!

I was concerned that I was mucking up the discord timeline with things most weren't interested in... good to hear you say that.
Going forward, we can compare plants and procedures.
A grow log.. maybe Wow, that first grow, funny looking back but being completely new at it, I jerked those 5 plants all around the yard trying to find a place where no one could see them but they're still supposed to be locked up. uh huh lol Tried a west facing balcony with a privacy screen around it but it didn't get sun till 10 am then got shaded by a tree. Then I tried the garage, perfect space for them but it's just too hot and dry. Practically turned to dust. The moral of that story is know where you're going to put the plants before you bring them home. hehe

Only thing left to try was in the house. Figured if I could stand the weather inside, they should be able to. I don't want to get involved with air filters, exhaust fans etc.

Anyway, so far so good, temp range 70-85, rh range 20-30 and that's with a container of water in the closet to evaporate, give some humidity. Soil ph around 7.5. I don't trust that meter. Added a little ph down on the 2nd watering.
When I bought the ph down, the guy was trying to sell me a kit with ph up... I asked him if he had ever used ph up and he smiled and said no. uh huh

life is for learning - a phrase from the song, Woodstock