Red Grape harvest

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As we had the first few days with temperatures reaching 0°C, it got time to harvest the red grapes. The variety we got in the garden is named 'Isabella'. They are usually used for wines named Uhudler and Schilcher. We make jelly from them, mostly to be used in xmas cookies.

That's the basket my tiny one did harvest

The grapes destemmed and ready for further processing
The grapes taste quite sweet with a pinch of nutmeg

and here's pot with the cooked grapes.

From the filtered juice you simply go ahead like with any other Jam. Of course you can make a syrup too.

Have a tasty day my lovely ones, and stay healthy!


That's a good harvest. I've not tried growing grapes. Has your vine been there long?

!BEER is not made from grapes, but there is no wine token :)

Thanks @steevec, and cheers🍻 We got two grapevines, a white and this red (blue) one. They're quite easy when they made it over the first year. As soon as the roots are established, cutting back becomes a task (it's no exaggeration if i tell you i have to cut about a mile of branches each year. A single branch can grow more than 15 metres/year, and there are plenty of them).The red one is now 8 years. The main idea behind those is to provide shade during summer, but they for sure have more benefits ;)

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