My garden is protected by Spider-man and Catwoman

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Spider-Man & Catwoman



Ins't nature grand? Two spiders have built their nest around my tomato plant and have been eating all the insects that even dared come near it. As a result, the leaves have been looking lush and clear of any parasites.

Until today..

It's been 31°C in London today, hottest day of the year so far, and my plants have definitely been feeling it. I've been keeping my fluid levels up and I'm still dehydrated. The leaves are looking warn out and a little limp. When the sun goes down I'll give them a little sprinkling of water to restore their mojo.

The fruits themselves had had the chance to grow untouched by squirrels and birds. I originally placed a mesh net around them to protect them but the squirrels easily bypassed it by simply raising it up from the ground like a human being would. Crazy. However the return of the cat(s) next door meant the rodents have been nowhere to be found for the last few weeks! Even birds have been distant.






The cat had 5 kittens. The male cat (the dad) also frequently visited them, so there were effectively 7 felines in the garden next to mine. The squirrels were not taken any chances with that many cats, even though only the two adults pose any danger to them.

Sadly the kittens are all gone (given away) and the cat has gone on holiday with my neighbours. I hope I get to eat these tomatoes before the squirrels and birds realise what's happened.

Peace & Love,



Ah yes, nature's own superheros ... an excellent account! Add one thing: magic powder. Put black pepper out around your plants. That will take care of at least the squirrels, and if you lay it on thick enough, probably the birds as well!

Really? I didn't know that. I'll try it, can't have too much protection haha. Next year I'm going to invest in some kind of cage or small greenhouse.

That's probably the best course of action ... tomatoes are delicious and a lot of beings love them!

Looks like a good crop. I hope you get to enjoy it. Having some natural protectors in the garden is great. Need a good mix to get a good balance.

I hope so too and I'm hopeful this time round haha.