Part 2 🏖️ Playa Cabarete (Cabarete) 🏖️ My 10 most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic

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Hola mis Steemians

Well, are you still dazzled by yesterday's pearl, the Cayo Arena/Punta Rucia or already receptive for the next dream beach of my top 10 beaches here in the Dominican Republic?

Normally I avoid areas and beaches that are flooded by many tourists. Often these places are rather sucked and serve purely the visitor amusement.
An exception is the number 2 on my list, the one:

Playa Cabarete (Cabarete)

Admittedly, this beach section of Cabarete, the hip and popular kite paradise in the very north of the Dominican Republic, is not really the most beautiful section of the Dominican Republic. The sand is relatively grey and the sea or water is always a bit turbulent due to the waves.

But I'm also interested in finding a location where you can sip a cocktail on the beach very cheaply (because there are more than enough expensive beach clubs in Punta Cana), without much fanfare and the usual pseudo-chic just casually coll and very comfortably. That's why you can't get past Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, where you can sit down in one of the numerous bars and restaurants in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a delicious drink during the day, in the evening or even late into the night.

And if you are a surfer or kitesurfer, you can pursue your beloved passion here in Cabarete like hardly any other beach in the Caribbean.

Here you can find the previous beaches:

(Picture createt with my Iphone 8Plus)

Hasta luego


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