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Our plane landed around 10:00 pm in Sofia so we arrived to our place very late that evening.
The darkness of the already mature night was enough for us not to enjoy anything but the pitch black on the other side of the car windows.

Most of us spend our time going after dreams imposed by Hollywood, the media, our parents, or the society in general. We work so hard to the point of fighting to claim what we believe is righteously ours, we don’t realize that most of the time we all have a parallel dream growing to the dream we’re chasing and we often spend all our lives ignoring that quiet dream.

We went to bed around four in the morning that night.
Imagine a blind person dragged to a unknown place; that’s how we all felt that night.
Although there were some shy lights blinking at the distance, the immensity of the darkness dominated pretty much everything including our imagination.

I was the first one to wake up next day.
It was hard for me to fit the idea in my head that after three months of crazy traveling in Mexico; where we visited half of the country, and recently in Marbella Spain, we were finally at our destination. I thank God in a very brief way, I rushed to quietly open the blinds and what happened next almost brought tears to my eyes.

This is literally what the view from the bedroom at our apartment looks like.
The parallel dream that grew along my wild dreams always looked full of amazing beauty but not as amazing as these views.

In this little piece of heaven that fell from the sky in Bulgaria we’ve met with wonderful people that love themselves, love the people around them and love their land and their history.
The only better thing than being here is to enjoy this place with friends that know their land and are 1000% proud of it. This is the case of @danielapetk and @georgipraskov whom we had THE HONOR to finally meet, they took us out to the top of the Rila mountain:

They also took us out to two old Monasteries and to the other side of the mountains, that however will be in PART TWO of these short series of:


"forget what lies behind and strain froward to what lies ahead"

-Testament of St. John of Rila (Verse 9)


My dear friend beautiful pictures❤

Thank you Denise 😊

You are welcome dear. Enjoy this beautiful place

Heaven for sure what a feeling it must be to be there epic