Nature is the most precious gift our earth has given us. My most important mission on steemit. To show you nature in the form of beautiful photos, so that we all live more environmentally conscious.

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Copyright: Nima Barid-Pourreza

It is a real fact that we humans are destroying nature on this planet. We kill species of animals, we clear entire forests just to throw away wastefully and buy again, we are responsible for the greenhouse effect and we torture billions of animals around the world so that we can test our cosmetic products and eat enough meat.
This fact makes me infinitely sad. I am not perfect myself and I cannot possibly boycott all products that promote this movement.
But I'm acting more and more by the standard that if everyone lived like that, the world would become a better place.
Convincing you to change some habits, even if they are just tiny, would make me very happy. Here are some photos of the black forest of southern germany to show you how beautiful our nature is.
I will present you 1000 more nature and animal photos until the last user on steemit realizes that our mother earth must be treated with respect. And to all of you who are already environmentally conscious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Copyright: Nima Barid-Pourreza

Copyright: Nima Barid-Pourreza

Copyright: Nima Barid-Pourreza


Amazing pictures and it's true it's a shame how we treat nature that is like our mother and give us food, air and everything we need