On the way in the National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, Germany [EN]

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If the weather is nice and we have some time, then a trip to the Darß is worthwhile. The Darßer history is quite interesting and well summarized at Wikipedia.

Our goal is the beach, which can also or especially in winter take your breath away. Due to the wintry temperatures, the beach area is free of tourists and permanent campsites. Few people get lost there. The dog is very happy, because here he can run and let off steam.

In the sunshine the sand appears almost white. Caribbean thoughts fly through your head when you can fade out the cold wind for a moment. We walk for miles along the beach. On the north side, where we are right now, the wind can be withstood well, as long as you have not forgotten your sunglasses.

This area is famous for its coastal dynamics. So land erosion on one side and landings on the other side of the coast. Earth masses and vegetation are carried away. Large parts remain lying, while smaller ones, especially sand, are drifted parallel to the coast. The removed material is transported to the northeast and deposited at the Darßer site in the form of sandbanks and dunes. Autumn and winter storms gnaw on the outer coasts. While the fishland and the west coast of Darß lose about one metre of land per year, the village of Darß gains about 8-10 metres per year.

In the northwest we leave the beach, cross he sea rescue port via a wooden walkway and enter the nature reserve.

The sea rescue port

Here the dog has to get on a leash, because there is a lot of game on the way. In front of us we have a very varied flora and fauna. Sand, swamps and conifers are characteristic. The colours yellow, green and blue dominate the picture.

In the centre of the national park we cross the dune Graudüne ("grey dune"). The grey dune is characterized by the greyish ground as well as by many white-grey hairy plants. Here, humus accumulates which is formed from decomposed plants. This makes the grey dune a suitable habitat for dwarf shrubs such as crowberry or heather. There are also large shrubs and drought-sustaining trees such as juniper and pine.

To our right we pass the so-called beach lakes. These are former estuaries that were cut off from the sea by landings. Lake Libertsee is an example of this. The salinity of the water has been decreasing steadily since it was finally separated from the Baltic Sea in the 1950s, so that more and more freshwater plants such as the reeds are being planted. The first frogs start spawning here.

Beach lake - Libertsee A somewhat blurred red frog greets us

After crossing the dunes, we leave the dunes in the west, at the so called "Weststrand". There is a rough breeze and an impressive swell.

Passage to the beach

The sun is low and the well-assorted stones and shells cast wide shadows. A dreamlike sight.

The dog is not so enthusiastic about the sand, which is carried by the wind, but fights bravely.

After about one kilometre of beach landscape, we turn off to head back past the lighthouse through the forest.

If you want to have a look at the map, click here on the map sections:

Here is the link to Google Maps

So if you are planning a holiday in the high northeast, I recommend the Darß as a day trip. Varied and beautiful. Afterwards you can enjoy a delicious tea in Prerow - the little restaurant tea bowl is recommended.

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