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Another failed attempt to photograph a butterfly.


But why did I try to photograph it in the first place?
Because it seemed unique and unfamiliar to me. And that's why I didn't immediately delete those failed photos from my phone, but tried to process them to see exactly what I tried to shoot.


I almost know the butterflies in the garden. By colors. If I dig around on the internet, I can easily find their names as well. The white ones, the yellow ones, the tile colored ones, the swallow tail ones... But this one here... It's more red than orange or brown or any other color and that color really puzzled me.


A color that catches the eye.

Are butterflies designed to attract attention? Maybe some yes and some no? Or? 🤔

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how are you dear friend @soulsdetour good morning
Of the insects, I think butterflies and dragonflies are the most difficult to photograph.
I love these shots and the vivid colors of the butterfly
Have a wonderful weekend

That's true! One has to have special abilities and enormous patience to photograph them. 😃
Have a great weekend you too!

I can't tell if they had been specifically designed like that or that's a process of thousands of years of evolution.
All I could tell is that I enjoy them a lot, especially when I spend time in the nature :)


I have a very sad memory from my childhood related to butterflies and I only recently remembered it. I think of it also now when you say that you enjoy them when you are in nature.
When we were children and walking with our aunt in the woods, my brother liked to catch butterflies. You know those damned nets for butterflies. It made me extremely unhappy and I tried my best to dissuade him from doing it. Unsuccessful. So my nature walks as a child were actually terrible. 😥 And I could never enjoy the butterflies. I was more concerned with chasing them away so they wouldn't get caught in the net.


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