Color of spring

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Seeing through my window all the shades of green, today I thought about the colors of the seasons.
What is the color of the season spring?


It's definitely the green one.
Don't you agree?
Think it's not true?
You think that spring comes with all the colors of the natural palette. All these flowers that appear, bloom and rebloom. All those trees festooned with flowers…


But think about the original color, the one that dominates, that is everywhere. The flowers bloom and rebloom, they are quite short-lived, but what remains in spring is the green color. The source of everything. The source of all life.


Wouldn't you agree?

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Greetings beautiful, in my country Venezuela we say: Verde que te quiero verde.

It is the base of everything in fact that color, if we look at other times of the year the green is still present but with less intensity or more degraded. Green always evokes hope, joy for what it brings. I agree with you. Greetings friend.

Hi dear @maydelvalle, I missed your poetic words. 😊 Very accurate and very beautiful. Thank you!

Green. I love green. In all its meanings :)


Ha ha, interesting statement. 😃 I like the color green mostly because of its primal meaning and symbolism, which lies mostly in nature and spring.

True! So true!

If I have to describe Life with one color, that would be Green :)


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Green is life. Life spring.

Exactly! The source of life, the primary source of everything 😊