Greatest aesthetes

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It is as if animals are the ones who understand the most about colors.

Who have the greatest knowledge, the greatest understanding and judgment.

Who are the greatest aesthetes, so to speak.


It is as if they can teach us something - a game of association, perhaps, those children's games of association where they will always be the winners because they choose the most correct color, the one that suits them best, the one that corresponds most to their own one.


It is as if they can think very effectively just in that direction.
Because it is very important to them.
It is important, yes.


I wonder if they feel satisfaction. 😄 Yes. Do they say to themselves, satisfied: "Yeah, today I found the perfect color, look at this leaf, what a match! I am a genius. Yes bro, I'm a genius!
Hey human, I'm a genius, you see that, right?"

No, there are no emotions in this world, I'm pretty sure. (Except maybe only the butterflies, when they try to outsmart me.🤭) If there were emotions in this miniature world, its inhabitants would surely have exterminated each other long ago.
So we still do well in our world, don't we?🤔

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I think it is more about security and survival than satisfaction. It is fun to see how evolution changed the living creatures and I am sure we would be able to predict the future evolution if we are not so busy fighting with each other, generally :)


Of course it is more about security and survival. It is only about security and survival, actually 🤭
It's just me, who tries to explore new possibilities, to create them because they do not exist. But it's fun, at least for me, to peer into this cauldron of new possibilities, maybe because I don't know the animal world very well and prefer to guess, live in the world of fairy tales like little children, rather than live in the world of science and exact facts.

What's the difference between a cat and a frog?
A cat has nine lives, but a frogs croaks every night.

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These two bugs had a great choice of color, love it.

I wonder if they feel satisfaction

It could be. For example, people can be happy by having nothing except plain food and sun and water - if we work with our minds to set us free from intellectual judgements and expectations and connected to them anxiety... Then, we plug in to the present moment, and feel happy with just hearing birds and eating an apple - careless as kids. Bugs have no intellectual judgements so they don't need to clear their minds. They are always careless as kids, it could be. Thus, they can feel "Buddha's bliss", simply by choosing a leaf of the right color.

It could be that this satisfaction isn't available for insects. But I believe mammals (and many birds) feel this. Beasts enjoy warm lights and water and fresh wind until they aren't suppressed by hunger, sexual instinct, or danger.

if we work with our minds to set us free from intellectual judgements and expectations and connected to them anxiety

I think this is extremely complicated and very difficult, maybe because I, too, no matter how hard I tried, could not achieve it.

they can feel "Buddha's bliss", simply by choosing a leaf of the right color.

That sounds wonderful and I think it solidifies my theory. 😊

Thank you for the great and insightful comment!