The most complex task

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That is the biggest thing of its kind (a nest?) I've ever seen. At least five times and more larger than ordinary such nests. And its sight fills me with admiration and the inevitable question - why?


Why all representatives of the animal world are provided with everything necessary for their life from the moment they are born? All animals do the same thing that is necessary for their survival and life as a species - they are excellent architects and builders when needed, excellent hunters, excellent parents.
Of course, there's no one to give them credit for it, but they don't need it anyway.


Haven't you ever wondered why a person needs so many teachers and schools, lessons and guidance, universities and courses. And then often still nothing is clear to him and he cannot cope with this complex task - life? 🤔

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Perhaps we've been designed intentionally this way. To be more dependent on each other. As, actually, all living creatures are, in some extent ;)


This issue can also be debated. I think we are more dependent on each other than any other species on earth. And it's kind of a lesson for us too, because nations that don't stick together, don't support each other and don't help each other, it's harder for them to survive.
But from everything said so far, I come to the conclusion that humans are the most underdeveloped creatures on this planet. 🤔

What is a cows favourite song
I like to mooooove it mooooooove it

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Lots of debatable topics, indeed.
We're one of the most developed creatures but we often use what we've learned to kill ourselves, unfortunately!


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What's the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector?
A taxidermist takes only your skin.

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I'd like to start a diet.
But I've got too much on my plate right now.

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