Update flowers in my little garden

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white flower29.jpg

Although I don’t have a large garden at present, flowers in my little garden can make me feel so happy and I always have wide smile while watching them.

Whenever I feel stress, I usually go to see the flowers in my little garden. They help me feel relaxed and feel better after that.

Most of the flowers in my little garden are “white” because white is my most favorite color. They look pure and have sweet smell.

white flower30.jpg

white flower31.jpg

white flower32.jpg

white flower10.jpg

white flower33.jpg

white flower34.jpg

white flower22.jpg

white flower6.jpg

white flower.jpg

white flower13.jpg

Every morning and evening, I usually spend almost an hour in watering, planting, and taking care of the flowers, this can help me get good exercise and calm my mind as well.

white flower17.jpg

white flower18.jpg

white flower15.jpg

white flower12.jpg

white flower8.jpg

Apart from flowers, I also plant a few mango trees, lime trees, longan trees, custard apple trees, Som Jeed trees (small orange), and watermelon trees.

For now, I can show you only photos of "Som Jeed fruits" (small orange), because other plants are still too young to produce fruits for me.

small orange5.jpg

small orange1.jpg

small orange.jpg

small orange3.jpg

small orange2.jpg

For watermelon trees which are my most favorite, even though I tried very hard to plant them several times, they gave me only their flowers and then died after a short period.

I finally realized that only their flowers are enough for me now since they are very cute and beautiful in yellow color.

And I think I should not expect watermelon fruits from my little garden anymore. Haha! ;D






That's all for today..... ;)))


Many flowers are in your little garden. That’s nice. 😊 I like Jasmine too.

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm happy to know that you like Jasmine too. ;)

So many flowers on your small garden!! Lots of jasmine!! Very sweet fragrance.


Yeah! I do really love that they have very sweet fragrance. Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)

Wow beautiful Flowers .its excellent photography.
Thunks @tangmo
Have a nice day

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad that you like the flowers and photos.

Have a wonderful day! ;)