Is Planting tree, waste of time?

in #nature4 years ago

Increased temperature, delayed mansoon, drying river, ponds and lakes constantly warning us there is a huge situation waiting. If we don't take right actions now, it will be too late and disastrous for us as well as coming generations.

People often tend to ignore these warnings saying
I have other improtant things to do,
I have seen this happening before as well, nothing to worry
Everyting will get back to normal after mansoon.
God will make Everyting fine, he won't let his children die and so on.
Endless excuses, just because they don't want to make any effort to restore things. In contarary some people intentionally tend to waste even more than their need if anyone tries to spread awereness.

Chennai is one such example where Some people are so greedy that they are stealing water from the water deficit villages and sending and selling it to the cities, in order to make huge profit.

These are all what one part of society is doing however there is other side as well which is not just wating for some miracle to happen but working hard to make the miracle happen.

Some projects to name are:

  • Green Yatra in maharastra, planted about 330000 trees till date with 95% survival rate.
  • Project Green hands a project by Isha Foundation, planted about 35 million trees with an aim to increase forest cover of Tamilnadu state upto 33%.
  • Sankalp Taru in Thar Desert, planted 803,000 trees with 95% survival rate.
  • SayTrees in Bangalore planted around 283,871 saplings.
  • Siruthuli in Tamilnadu aims to plant 1.5 million trees

And if you start looking other similar projects, you will easily get more in 100 such initiatives. So next time you make your mind to do someting for enviroment all you need to do is search for one such group in your locality (you can easily find most of them on internet), contact them to make your contribution.

You can also share their contact details and website in comment section so that someone else in search of similar group can find it with minimum effort.

Now the good neWS is different state governments also started to jump into the plantation projects the most i read is about Jammu and Kashmir Administration aprroved the launch of Green Jammu and Kashmir drive to plant half a million plants by june 2020.

When it comes to restoring long exploited Enviroment, every small step counts.


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