Do you like the idea of Vouchers?

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Market Depth chart of vouchers


If you ask me I truly loved the idea of vouchers. I know it is a bit tricky for many people and I see a lot of people are so confused that they purchased vouchers at their peak without having an idea what are they buying and why lolz. To be fair I sold my first-day vouchers as well. The prices were so tempting that I couldn't resist. I sold 38 vouchers for 1100 hive that's insane. I am keeping all these hives aside and waiting for vouchers dump but looks like there is a certain group of people who don't really care about the voucher prices they keep buying them so the prices are just going up. Well, I assume vouchers will surely gonna leave this pace and they will be down to their real value so all I have to do is wait for the right time.

What are my plans?

Well regarding pre-sale I am patiently waiting for the right time and silently collecting my vouchers. My plan is of minimum 1k packs so I can get that The legionnaire's title. No way I am dumping my vouchers. I know currently one voucher is being sold at 25 hives but still, I don't want to sell my vouchers at this price. I am Staking every single bit of sps. Yesterday I received 41 vouchers. If I continue to stake my daily drop I hope I will make it to 50 vouchers/day. With this speed, I will be able to purchase at least 1k packs.

The vouchers idea was so great that even big whales are sitting behind and waiting for their vouchers to reach at a certain level so they can buy 😂 Splinterlands team put everyone at the same place. Of course, they are whales and have big stakes but still, they are collecting vouchers because without them Chaos legions are unpurchaseable.

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I think I like the Voucher system, but I can't tell yet. lol It sure is a lot of money if you want to be a buyer. If I was just a seller it would be great! Just keep stacking HIVE for free. I kind of feel like those sports teams that are just inside/outside the playoff hunt with the trade deadline approaching. Do I buy a free agent and try and make the playoffs? Or do I dump my spendy contracts and rebuild for next year? Tough call at this point. Hopefully the market will move to a point it makes my decision easy. If it moons, probably gotta sell. If it drops by about half from here, probably gotta be a buyer. Time will tell...

yea I assume vouchers gonna be more expensive with every passing day so if you really want to get some instant profits then vouchers are the way. All the best

IMHO the idea of vouchers is not bad, but from my point of view, the presale system would've been more engaging for newcomers and "small fishes" like me, if there would be a max. amount of packs you can buy based on your owned CP for eg. and then, if you want to buy packs above that (during the presale only) you could've done that only with vouchers.

But I know there's no such a solution that is good for everyone. Although I still love the game and am passionate about it, now I really feel like I've been left out of something amazing. And it's not about the airdrop cards, it's the excitement when you buy those packs and stack them for later until you can open them.

trust me pre-sale has never been like that. Its the first time splinterlands gave chance to an ordinary player to earn more money. But if you have vouchers then ;)

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