We Learn Everyday

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Yes, We learn every day if we are passionate enough to learn. Some of my friends think that i am a pretty smart person but to be fair I am an extremely dumb girl when it comes to pool stuff. Yes, this is the reason I try to stay away from pool liquidity stuff. When CUB was released and I got an airdrop of 15 CUB I decided to add liquidity instead of selling. I didn't know about it much hence i ended up losing one CUB while learning about this stuff. But Losing 1 CUB paid off and I actually learnt a very important thing.

I learnt I need a BSC wallet in order to transfer BUSD from the Binance exchange. I needed BUSD for the CUB-BUSD pool. I had only 14 CUB so i needed almost 100 BUSD at that time because CUB was flying high in the sky and I never imagined it will go this much down. I remember some of my friends went very deep in this CUBDefi thing and I don't know how they feel about this now.

Anyways I almost forgot I have provided a CUB BUSD liquidity. Today when I decided to check I saw i have some CUB to claim. I also wanted to know how to remove CUB_BUSD liquidity in case if i want to remove it. I had provided DEC-hive liquidity using tribaldex and tribaldex is a pretty handy and easy site. You don't need anyone help to learn how things can be done.
After spending quite a lot of time when I couldn't figure out how to remove CUB liquidity I asked about it in the city of neoxian. Again my city fellow nameless helped me and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. If he wouldn't help me I would have lost :P XD

He told me before removing liquidity I will have to unstake my CUB from Farm. After that, I can remove it. I unstacked my CUB from Farm but still, I wasn't able to find my pool. While searching about it he told me I will have to switch to V1. Then import pool removes liquidity. It was quite a painful process but I did it. I didn't even know that cubdefi has migrated to version 2 and version 1 is not functional.





When I provided liquidity I added 100 BUSD but after removing liquidity I received only 38. Now I understand what exactly is Impermanent loss. To be honest it was one of the most intimate experiences for me hehe well it is what it is. I migrated my LP to V2 and provided liquidity there.




For 202 CUB I needed 120 BUSD :/ Sorry I am not doing it again so I provided whatever I had.
Migrating Lp from V1 to v2 was a new thing to learn so all thanks to nameless.


We learn whole life new things.
I remember, when I want to play in Gods Unchained and I needed metamask.
I never was fan of other blockchains, which have fee for transaction, but with metamask and binance smart chain with really low fees I was able to swap eg. dec tokens where was much bigger volumen than on hive engine. So buying dec for me was easier using metamask and bsc smart contract. :)

Nice I also tried Gods unchained but the due to high eth fee i quit

That's why I played only with standard deck and had fun with that cards :D

Xawi entered into Cub Finance. Now we can all expect CUB to pump. Yey!!

LOL Bala you are so funny :P I have been in Cub since day 1 and it is not pumping :P XD

Yeah, I'm also a little worried about CUB. I bought them when the price was 4$ and since then the price keeps falling down and not pumping.

I am so happy that we finally manage to get this resolved after 1 hr of troubleshooting.

I have yet to experience such a tedious and difficult extraction of LP. Haha.

Generally, it should not be that difficult at all but this is already an exceptional. Good learning experience for me too.

Yes thank you so much without your help it would have been a nightmare for me