Hey, I'm Back!!! Kind of new to PEAKD

in #newhere4 months ago (edited)

Hello world!!! After 2 years away, I decided to make a come back to this virtual space! A lot of thing have changed, I'm still learning the new features, and this is my first post in Peakd.

For you who don't know me (or maybe forgot...) My name is Fabio and I'm a professional juggler from Brazil. I'm really into pop culture, games, animes, and all sort of stuffs. In this profile you will find my reviews of things I watch, read or find out, as you'll find some videos from my juggling work, tutorials and practices.

For now I'll post one of my favorite pics, because I think it's important to this post.


Ah, one more thing: In the past I used to post in portuguese, but now all my posts will be in english.
Probably I'll start a new profile just for portuguese, maybe, who knows...

Well, that's all for now folks! Thank you so much if you read all of this! See you in the future!


Sucesse nesse retorno!

Qualquer coisa, se precisar de ajuda, só falar que eu ajudo no que eu puder.

Valeu meu caro!!! Ainda estou estudando todas essas mudanças, mas sempre que surgir algo pode ter certeza que te procurarei! Valeu demais e vamo que vamo!!!