Poverty in the USA, the Largest Donor Abroad!

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This is not extensive research covering poverty in the United States of America, I don't have the resources to do such a study, I'm just highlighting news that appeared in the New York Times that would've been exploited by it and other Western propaganda outlets to 'justify' the invasion of other countries.

U.S. poverty rate soared in 2022 -
Poverty among Children more than Doubled


Let that sink in for a second.

Whatever the details they try to get you lost in within the article and the sources it cited are irrelevant taking into consideration that the same USA wages relentless media and diplomatic campaigns against entire nations over the issue of an individual in that nation, Navalny in Russia, Khatib in Syria, Aung San Suu Kyi in Thailand, for instances.

This is the same USA that paid just in the past 1.5 years more than 150 Billion US Dollars, overtly, to another country halfway across the planet just to prolong a needless conflict that saw the death of half a million of that country's citizens fighting its neighbor and sibling nation on behalf of the USA (citing US Senator Lindsey Graham and his other colleagues who repeatedly said the war in Ukraine is very profitable for the USA as it weakens Russia without a single US soldier killed, they fail to mention the Ukrainians killed!)

The same USA that pays 10 billion US dollars each year to Israel to act on its behalf to serve the 'US interests' especially in the Arab world, whatever 'interests' means.

The same USA that spends around a trillion dollars on its war budget, which is more than the total defense budgets of the next 10 countries combined including Russia, China, and the Gulfies, and 1 trillion dollars includes the officially stated Pentagon budget, the US State Department's foreign intervening budgets, and CIA covert operations, and so on.

We keep talking about the ill treatment the US veterans receive, Those are the people who sacrificed their youth, body parts, and mental health for their country, or that's what they are told, just to be neglected after being wounded in those US wars of terror across the globe.

We also see the zombie cities of drug and other substances addicted large-growing populations within the US cities roaming around its neighborhoods.

Homelessness in the USA is now mainstream, especially in cities run by the 'liberals' like what once used to be top cities, San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia... etc.

Should I write about the deteriorating healthcare system in the USA exposed during the last 'pandemic' or the students' debt issue just to pay for studying, something provided for free in most of the rest of the world?

Meanwhile, crumbling infrastructure, horrible railway conditions, disasters relieve, and the soaring cost of living.

Those are the signs of the last days of declining empires unless some miracle happens and such a miracle starts by stopping the US wars of terror, strife, and destabilizing countries across the globe.

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