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RE: Arson: an Act of War

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Isn't there a way for citizens to come together to start impeachment proceedings against her? Once it starts, I bet many more, even politicians, will join.

Patrolling and so on is a good positive step...but (they say that the fish starts to stink from the head) as long as you have people in charge who are the enemy of the people, and you allow them to rule, patrolling will only reduce the fires, not stop them.

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There's ongoing impeachment efforts being undertaken, with petitioners dotting rural areas to get something done. Politicians, however, have centuries of practice ignoring the will of the people, and are now.

That's why there was almost a shooting war last year, as the big city Dems tried to ram through carbon credit legislation, which they couldn't do without a quorum to vote. Reps bailed and Gov. Brown ordered OSP to arrest them and bring them to fill their seats. Sen. Boquist, a former merc, pointed out he'd been a political prisoner before, overseas, and would not be one in America for serving his community in Congress. He told OSP to send heavily armed bachelors after him, and not married men with kids.

They declined to arrest him.

Oregon is strongly divided between the big leftist cities and the hardy rural folks that work the land for a living, and we're heavily outnumbered. We're a vote by mail state too, which sorta makes voting pointless anyway. It's not even the voters that count. It's the counters of the votes that count, and they're all in the cities.

Voting isn't gonna keep us free. It's not even gonna keep us alive, as this massive assault reveals.

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