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RE: Arson: an Act of War

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Its not Antifa, its the people behind Antifa. These aren't useful idiots, these are professionals hired to do this.

As an example, two banks in La Mesa, Komifornia burned to the ground.
These were modern banks made of steel studs and big open lobbies.
As in, NOTHING to burn.
There was nothing there that spark, a Molotov, could set on fire.

So, someone brought in enough incendiaries to light these two buildings up when the riots happened later that night.



So, someone brought in enough incendiaries to light these two buildings up when the riots happened later that night.


Many of the arson reports made by civilians mention fireworks (and molotovs, which rioters demonstrably have been using), and the rioters have been using fireworks as means to disrupt police for many weeks now.

I sure hope local law enforcement are testing these firework remains for taggants, which are included in the manufacturing process, so that if the same batches are used both in riots and wildfire arson that can be proved.

FBI is compromised and stating that Antifa is a good boy that doesn't start wildfires, although Loren Cannon (SAC PDX FBI Field Office, promoted from HR by James Comey) lies because there's no way that can be proved now, or even at all, since they have only a dozen or so arsonists in custody, and one of them is Jeff Acorde (sp?) of Puyallup, who is definitely Antifa/BLM.

County Sheriffs need to do their own tests, using private labs if necessary, and share info with each other to sidestep FBI obstruction.

I agree. I reckon the mercs are paid to lead the herds of useful idiots to loot and riot, but I hear from my people in PDX that they haven't been doing that - while the arsons have been being committed.

I have not slept again while I dug into arson reports. Over 100 reports of arson, many specifically mentioning Antifa or anarchists, and more than a dozen arrests for arson over the last few days up and down the I5 corridor.

OSP tweeted begging people to stop reporting Antifa was setting fires. Not investigating and saying it wasn't them. Begging not to receive the evidence of eyewitnesses. Every paper and local TV channel in OR seems to have the same headline: Antifa not setting the fires!

This isn't the result of those 'journalists' investigating all of the 100+ reports. This a coordinated narrative to deny the group that has been setting fires in cities across America and chanting 'burn it all down' were murdering people by burning them to death in Oregon before any investigations were done.

It's not just paid mercs rousing rabble. It's a coordinated terrorist attack like 9/11 involving government, mercs, banksters, and their pet propaganda outlets/CIA ops. The local and state Dems are encouraging riots that will provide the RINO feds the excuse to institute martial law without activating militias that would otherwise BTFO them as tyranny.

Trump and the deep state work together, just as they did to get him elected by having the enemedia declare him their enemy so that naive Americans would think the enemy of the enemedia was their friend. The Hegelian Dialectic, Divide and Conquer, and domestic terrorism continue to destroy America.

They've got the militia out now, roadblocking outsiders who might be arsonists, which is just where the feds can pick them off unit by unit. Only by disarming the people can martial law be imposed here like it has been in Oz. That's why the arson. To bring out the militia - but not against the feds - so they can be disarmed.