Children aren't able to consent to sex, tattoos, or medical procedures!

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Nobody in their right mind claims that toddlers are able to consent to sex, and civilized society has rules against children (usually under 16) getting tattoos or piercings without parental permission. But when it comes to consenting to risky medical actions, like being a test subject for "warp speed", untested, experimental products that permanently alter the recipient's immune system, even babies as young as a few months old are having their basic human rights taken from them. This is one story I wish I didn't have to report, but unfortunately, this outright horror is unfolding before our eyes.

Despite the fact that children have never before been considered able to consent to complicated medical procedures, and these rushed products already injuring and killing thousands of people around the world, and the symptoms they block (Covid) rarely affecting children, and the "vaccines" not protecting against the virus, CNN reports that it is time to begin injecting teens, children, and even babies with Covid vaccines to begin finding out what positive and negative effects they will have.

"Children 7 and above have to sign," says the clip. But what legal weight does a 7 year old's signature really have? Do little kids truly understand all the potential risks and benefits of the product? I doubt it, since the experimenters don't. That's the reason for the trials - to see what happens! We know from the adult trials, that when recipients die or get injured, it is blamed on anything but the vaccine. When the recipient seems to be okay, the success is credited to the vaccine. So why are we even bothering to go through the motions? How many kids have to be harmed for this political stunt based on fake science?

After "consenting" to what comes next, the children receive a PCR test.

The proud parents say their decision was a no-brainer and they jumped at the opportunity to subject their child to the testing. "We believe in science!" they stammered from behind home-made face-coverings.

After the PCR test is a blood test.

"These small children, unbeknownst to them, will soon be leading the effort to help humanity," boasts CNN giddily.

Meanwhile, Canada has just halted one of the vaccines due to the danger of deadly blood clots in people under 55. The day before it was halted, tens of thousands of people were being injected, and it was said to be "100% safe and effective". There is literally no guarantee these children won't be harmed by these tests. In fact, it's almost a guaranteed that they WILL be harmed. Which is why their little signatures are required - so it can be said that they consented, protecting those responsible.

The interviewer concluded by calling the kids "heroes", but we wouldn't treat heroes this way.

Children trust their parents to take care of them. We are responsible for what happens and doesn't happen to them, until they're old enough to fully understand all the potential risks and benefits, so they can decide for themselves. Betraying that trust is wrong, no matter what the reason.

These children, despite their signatures being obtained, can not truly have consented to being guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical corporations. Even if they were just getting pure water injected, to pierce their blood vessels is a violation, and carries with it risks, including death. "It's for the greater good" has never been an acceptable reason to harm our children, and it isn't now, either.

Consent requires full understanding of all potential side effects. Are the children told they will be permanently changed, and we don't know how it will affect them? Are they told that some adults who take the vaccine get sick? Are they told there is a very real chance they could die? I doubt it.

If a 4 year old is asked if he consents to taking the shot, and he doesn't give a clear "yes", do the abusers go looking for another victim, or just sign on his behalf?

Why are we even bothering with consent anyhow, when CNN announced yesterday that we should get ready for the idea of FORCED vaccination?

I'm truly not okay with anything about this. Kids almost never get Covid, and when they do, they don't die from it. Even if the "vaccine" doesn't harm them, it doesn't protect them from being infected or infecting others. Subjecting them to experimental concoctions they don't need is child abuse.

The parents of these children are disgusting for not only injecting their babies, but for parading them around on mainstream news, violating their privacy and rights even further. Parents like these would be fine handing their kids over to sexual predators, as long as the abusers went through the motions of "obtaining consent" before going ahead with the rape. If you turn your children over to have their genes (ie: your genes) altered, in the hopes it will protect them from a virus they aren't at risk from, you're just as bad.



The husband looks awkward, walking behind his big wife, hiding as much as possible, fully masked right up to the eyeballs like a muslim woman.

Thank you for reporting on this important aspect of the vaccine topic, @Drutter.

Ty for sharing this.
I cannot believe that the vaccination will be mandatory, I'm overwhelmed by the whole article...those kids...the parents. What is wrong with the world?

Something's certainly not right with the world at the moment! But I hope we can figure it out, and make things right again, very soon.

Soon. That world is magical. I wish I could fix it all now in a snap...blink of an eye?


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