Once again wonderful article and rich full of vital information! Haha and I nearly choked laughing on the segment where you said you wish you had a dollar for everytime they used the their brain is not fully developed thing. Man you and me both!! Haha I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people slide that one or whenever someone comes at me over this topic after a bit of going they pull that one out of the box. Lol we would be swimming in cash right now. Like do these people have anything else to pull out? or is that all they can go at as a go to? Even when I present things or bring up examples that debunk such things they still insist that same thing. Oh or the best one somehow a person cannot connect on the same emotional level because the other person just happens to be a few years older huh? Really?? So when did age affect or change the way you feel emotions? or a loving couples ability to feel to one another? Sometimes these people make me just want to stop and then ask why and how it is possible for people to be this stupid, you know whoms brain is being affected? I think mine is because I think a brain cell dies everytime I come across a ton of stupid all at one time. And then these people insist that they are absoultely right on everything and it is only them when just like everything there are 2 sides to everything and every story! I get a headache everytime I bump into them and yes I can see now places like youtube is littered with them.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my article. :-)

No problem! it is always a pleasure to read your stuff on this subject. And hopefully your stuff gives more people the initiative to speak up more on this subject and issue. because I know there are more out there but for one reason or another are afraid to speak up on this matter. Because the minute you come at this subject without being part of that mob mentality on this people often demonize you for that. But ya know what? I say whatever if it upsets the hive mind or gets the mob mentality heated then let it. Many people barely grasp this subject very deeply and as a result they are not very informed, and when do come at them with something that challenges their stuff they either stubbornly brush it off or try to feel the more moral superior by putting one down or comparing such things to pedophilia etc. when there is a clear difference between everything.

The more people that speak up on this the better because we cannot hide behind a false sense of security forever, we cannot brush off everything forever without looking at the picture as a whole. Folks are going to have to address and learn about things.

Oops! I made two blunders in this article. My first one is in the paragraph above that reads: [The so-called examples that they gave throughout their YouTube video of 10-year-old and 11-year-old youngsters getting married in state jurisdiction within our nation were fabrications at best.]

This same paragraph should actually read: [The so-called examples that they gave throughout their YouTube video of 10-year-old and 11-year-old youngsters getting married in state jurisdictions within our nation were fabrications at best.]

I also forgot to italicize the DSM-5 therein. Sorry for these typos. I'll be more careful in future articles of mine.

The typos in the above article have been corrected as of today.