Mexico REJECTS JAB MANDATES! - What You Need To Know As Global TYRANNY RISES!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan who recently interviewed a woman by the name of Claudia. Claudia was part of a protest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico against jab mandates. While there are no mandates for jabs in Mexico yet, every country in the world eventually will face such tyranny. Mexico however has been one of the most resistant countries in the world thus far.
Claudia calls out the global criminals and eugenicists during the Puerto Vallarta protest and breaks down what she believes is happening. She's bang on.
After we play the clip of Claudia, we talk with Dan about living in Puerto Vallarta and why it is one of the most free places in the world to be right now. If you've been wondering about moving to Mexico and where to go, this video will surely help a lot!

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Feeling freedom in Morelia, Michoacàn Mexico. A lot of people here have doubts about it all. And the climate is better than PV. Not very many tourists by comparaison😀

I like this old woman :) ... very good words very good info thanx man :))
Make more this video and not stop :)