Mysterious ANCIENT CITY Under The Pyramids! - Brien Foerster Explains Lost Ancient Tunnels Of Egypt

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In this video, I interview Brien Foerster of Hidden Inca Tours about the vast underground tunnel system connecting the Dynastic Step Pyramid of Saqqara with the Giza Plateau beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza.

For years we have delved deep into lost ancient civilizations and the evidence proving a vast civilization lived around the time of the last major ice age within the period of the Younger Dryas.

From Egypt to Peru, from Turkey to Mexico, from India to Easter Island, the evidence is clearly overwhelming that ancient civilizations were able to utilize some form of advanced technology to build some of the most amazing sites in the world that academics have mislabelled for centuries.

Brien Foerster is without a doubt one of the most reputable and well explored people on the planet regarding this phenomenon and in this video he explains the underground tunnel systems of Egypt which he's been able to explore, including the serapeum boxes of Saqqara. We also talk about Derenkuyu and the idea of the pyramids and obelisks utilizing vibrational frequency.

Why are there gatekeepers stopping further research into this vast underground tunnel system? Why were they built? What purpose did they serve? Were they functional? How far could they connect?

Could they be more than 12,000 years old and the pyramids were simply built on top of them? These are all questions worth asking.

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