PROTECT Your Privacy NOW! - Time Is Running Out! - The PFT Privacy Protector

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In this video, I talk with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about his new PFT Privacy Protector and the importance of keeping your privacy safe!

It's never been more important to ensure your own privacy as we see a global technocracy knocking on our door and inviting itself into our homes. Especially considering the year 2020 and the excuses being used to go completely cashless and roll out a massive surveillance state, protecting your privacy is paramount.

On top of privacy is health. Keeping yourself safe from harmful radiation from your cell phone is incredibly important as well.

Dan Dicks presents the PFT Privacy Protector, a phone case that is Faraday which will protect you from the watchful eye of the government as well as high levels of radiation. Basically any phone fits in the Privacy Protector and it's proven to work!

This is a great Christmas present for family members as well as for yourself.
We urge everyone to order one now, not later. Time is running out!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!


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Sadly Josh, the video is not available to me, and appears to have been censored by Communists. It's past time you posted your content elsewhere, and I wish you had posted this where it could still serve the free people of the world, whose exigent circumstances make your work critically important to their freedom and felicity.

Wish I could see it.

Thanks for trying, at least. Please get the job done through other platforms, of which there are many. Youtube just isn't up to the task anymore, and clearly is an enemy of red-blooded, free people who love their children and want them to grow up in a world better than the world their parents did.