THIS Man Lives FIAT FREE! - How To Survive On ONLY Cryptocurrency

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In this video, I talk with Joel Valenzuela, an independent journalist and cryptocurrency advocate about his multi-year journey of living fiat free.

As the dollar faces an imminent collapse fundamentally and artificial markets crumble, Joel lives by example. He doesn't complain about the problems, he is the change. Having found Bitcoin many years ago, he realized he could live on strictly cryptocurrency and ditch the US Dollar permanently.

So many people claim it can't be done, but he has been doing it for years and in this video he explains how!

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Thank you! :)


That's pretty wild to think about! It would sure put us all in control and make the centralized banks pretty angry.

It can be done ✅

I’m about to live fiat free in few weeks from now ;)


when he gets kids without fiat
he is the man