YOU started flagging me because i called you a "nut." {You are a nut} Not only did you start flagging me like crazy but also sending me borderline threatening messages. Not only do you flag my account, but you purposfully flag group project im launching.

Now you are slandering #edenbuxx, which effects my partners @taintedblood and @ecoinstant. You are also RAPING the comment section of a publication i work VERY hard for. @brofund is trying to run a project here.

Not to mention you falsely reported me to @weedcleaners. If you ever do that again i will get you blacklisted before you can say "Phil the nutcase." The whole point of this publication was to promote #weedcash. So thanks for shitting on @coffeebuds with your wacky comments.

I reported you to weed cleaners because you have targeted me with defamation which is a crime I will remind you, would you like to speak to my lawyer while you appear to confident and outspoken?

He would love to hear what you have to say if you have a set of balls...

You have no case against me for calling you a "nut." I doubt you even have a lawyer. Even if you had a lawyer, I dont have to talk to him because I havent done anything criminal. How about you just leave me alone instead of stalking me, which is a criminal act lol.

I am now officially requesting you stop harassing me.

Why did you post that meme in the private edenbuxx chat on discord?

Why did you post it publicly on the blockchain after I had asked to you disassociate with me entire?

This is when my downvoting started because it appears to want to defame me and not answer as to your intention to sharing my name in the meme. Only a direct answer stating responsibly will satisfy me at this point, there is still a length apology you could offer me for your childish habits I didn't want in my life.

you seem to have mistaken stalking with freedom to association and after you have posted smear like articles about me you can 100% bet I am watching every single comment and post on all of your botnet. There's your disclosure, you're posting on a public forum too ..................................................... At least I know what I am going against in court if you're maligned enough to keep this up!

sorry @taintedblood and @ecoinstant but @a1-shroom-spores has engaged in a defamation campaign against me and I am forced to respond to this childish display of desperation to appeal to his peers, but I asked for an apology in the edenbuxx chat that would have resolved this from the beginning.

I thought edenbuxx was a community of peace?

Why was I attacked by liquidmike?

Why was I attacked by a1-shroom-spores?

I dont know and I asked to be removed if apologies were not on the agenda.....

here we are now

I don't think what is going on here has anything to do with edenbuxx or brofund (or weedcash). That said I guess I respect your guys' rights to yell at each other in public 😅

I don't know where what when how or why in this case, so I generally just go about my day, I try to respond when tagged, but I would need to do research in this case, I truly hope it can be resolved, hive is a small enough community to not fight amongst ourselves.

Lol I asked for an apology a long time ago and got attacked by about 4 people so I am putting them on blast just because I can lol

ill remind you I can downvote brofund too if you think my right to freedom of association should be subject to your appeal.

lol keep the change jonny

Respectfully stop blogging in the comments section on the BROFUND blog. This is not the correct forum. You are not mentioning anything to do with BROFUND.

Public was not the correct forum for @a1-shroom-spores to attack me so I feel I have a due diligence to watch this community for smears and attacks against hive users. Are you a part of the hivewatchers or weflag groups?

We just make sure toxic people do not go unscathed and I had asked very blatantly to never be associated with this individual who seemingly slanders me for no reason aside from to chastise my beliefs passive aggressively.

That's fine. Take it up with him personally or on his blog. I shouldn't need to explain this to you. BROFUND has nothing to do with HIM and YOU. I'm not flagging you because I believe in civil discourse. I'm not looking for excuses or the gritty details of your problem with him.

okay ill just keep watching because I am not a topic of this group, EXACTLY AS I HAVE ASKED. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN REFERENCED BY ANYONE AFFILIATED WITH ANYTHING ON HIVE. not just your group... There's 1 person who involves me in places I don't want to be involved and now EVERYONE knows.

No problem.. nobody is going to mention you on our BLOG page (or should).. if they do I'll have a beef with them. I don't have a problem with you so please just keep it at that.