How Much Do YOU Know About The Covid-19(84) Vaccine And Its Risks? Well Check THIS Out!!!

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A global inoculation program is underway

as millions of people are willingly rolling up their sleeves to receive an experimental “vaccine” in the face of Covid-19(84) despite the fact that “cases” mean nothing and even if you get the virus there is a 99.97% chance you’ll have a full recovery and be just fine.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth teams up with William of Gotdialog to ask the people of Vancouver if they are planning to get the shot and if so why, all while attempting to educate them on the risks involved before they make what can potentially be a life altering or even fatal decision.


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I made a video on YouTube about that exact point you've made and it was my most disliked video by 90% thumbs down. I basically challenged the victimhood and said something like "ok, let's assume you're being censored by these organisations, WHY NOT ABANDON THEM AND COME OVER TO THIS ONE OVER HERE". I even got a couple of death threats. It's crazy.

There needs to be a boogieman, a victim, and then the crowd of people willing to throw money at the victim. That's the business model boiled down to the basics. Slogans like "fight the good fight" and all that is just marketing. It's similar to professional wrestling back in the day, in many ways. If they create a 'bad guy', people weren't supposed to know that evil villain is just an actor with a family and kids at home. And nobody was supposed to know the good guy with the big muscles was just on drugs.

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You have to click on the video to see the content.....

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I will say it appears as if you're attempting to frustrate me

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There was no 'advertisement' that I can see.

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This is an advertisement for other platforms.

That's not really how I see it. Talking about it on the comments above. Basically trying to fine the actual line here.
My points:

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I agree with some of the points for (an advertisement) but smacking that hammer down without clarification on others just looks like this guy is not in some club.

So happy to have come across you on hive. Thanks for the work you are doing and have been doing. Very insightful and helpful. Sending you good vibes to keep Canadian truth out in the open.

Important points by Susan Standfield about the vaccine rollout in Canada and why we must be in Emergency status for them to get away with it.

Part I

Part II


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