Of course the puppets are not puppets

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In the upside down world we live in.

Skip to the last 4 seconds when he asks what to do, if you have no time.

Respect you all. Time to change this shiteshow though is it not?


What can I say, the American voting public is just as brain dead as he is. I think it was in his second as o'bama's vp that he was yanked out of I think Brazil and after that his overseas trips for diplomacy were severely curtailed by his sitting president.

but Americans voted for him, no one said the American population was smart after all.

I think it matters not who you vote for, they roll out who ever they want. Politicians, scientists, the media, doctors and nurses have all been shown for the frauds they are this last year.

Like i said ,.. a B movie quality actor ,.. lets bring in the cardboard aliens ,... sigh .. ;-)

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The aliens would be as plastic as him.

The possibilities are endless for making video's of this mans gaffs, I wonder if there'll be as many and as hysterically funny as we had from GW Bush. It's unbelieveable the dimness of the American presidents these days.

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And lack of education from the voting public?