VICE Reports on my YouTube Ban - People Are Running to Decentralized Platforms like Steemit

in #news3 years ago (edited)

You can read the full article here:

*Please Share/Upvote This Steemit Post! It's a PERFECT example as to why people should MOVE to our platform and away from places like YouTube! I would love to see it Trending here.*

Some highlights from me losing over 400 videos and 20,000+ subscribers on YouTube:

"Steve Cronin was a typical nootropics YouTuber. He experimented on himself with various substances, many of which are available without a prescription at Whole Foods or GNC."

In my opinion, YouTube needs to take a close look at [change] their automated systems and methodologies for outright deleting channels that content creators have spent years building. However, regardless of what they do, people are running to decentralized platforms like Steemit and DTube in order to express themselves freely.

And now I'm on STEEMIT and feel more free :)

Steve Cronin


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super cool that @slowwalker upvoted you ! that guys one of my favorite followers! you should reach out to him:)

Oh cool! I sent him a comment.

I still don't know what people are still doing on YouTube. Apart from a large amount of followers it offers nothing. Get your asses down to steemit!

We're slow learners :)

Thanks @stevecronin for the awesome post!... I honestly don't pay attention to Vice anymore since I've noticed how left they went, but I am at least grateful for this coverage... It's really a greater positive than negative. YouTube is the past and is self-immolating... While Steemit is still an infant, it's the future ;) The truth's they gotta get rid of your channel and similar ones but they won't remove any of the pharmaceutical or drug ads will they?...

More than half the ad is side effects but what you're doing is more harmful to the YouTube community, for sure!

Thank YOU for reading! I do know what you mean about VICE and the left, however this is the 3rd time they've reported on my work and I've always had great experiences with them (one even in a podcast.) The pharma aspect is certainly an interesting theory. Scary. Oh well... at least I have a new home :)

Hey, I just found your channel from reddit. After quickly browsing thru your stuff your channel looks interesting. youtube censorship is terrible. What do you think of kratom? i see you do stuff on nootropics, wondering what you think of that. It's helped me and many people I know stay away from opiates, it's almost like a miracle i believe i think it can save millions of lives, its a substitute like suboxone to stave off withdrawals and cravings but its much more mild and natural. If you haven't done a report on that yet I suggest you do so people struggling with opiates could learn about this potential way out.

but I didn't get to watch all your videos...

I'll be reposting them on DTube!

I was familiar with your story from seeing it on Twitter. I read the whole article on VICE or a similar news website.

Great to see you here on Steemit! Welcome!

Thank you! It's nice to be here :)