Meet The Multi Billion $ Company Making Anti-Corona Virus Drugs in a Place Called 'Corona'.. Plus More 'Unlikely' Synchronicity.

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Somehow there just always seems to be an endless trail of 'crazy' synchronicity when it comes to major world stage events that governments use to centralise power and limit the freedom of people. While STEEM has been dealing with exactly this in the form of the 'billionaire' from Wuhan City - leading to the creation of HIVE.. The rest of the world has been struggling with another virus out of Wuhan that is also leading to previously unaccepted centralisation.

With all this in mind, I consider the following to be an interesting data point. While many would just class this as a 'meaningless coincidence', years of study into the events of 9/11 and the long list of statistically improbably 'coincidences' that surrounded them have taught me to be conscious of all 'unlikely' 'coincidences' in such events.

Chloroquine is the only pre-existing drug that has been identified that directly deals with Covid-19 - it is an anti-malaria drug. Other anti HIV (retroviral) drugs have also been identified and this may well be due to the high probability that this virus is the exact one that has been documented in numerous published scientific studies as having been DELIBERATELY CREATED in labs in China and the US by combining SARS with HIV.

It turns out that a huge pharma company in the US that I had never heard of - Activis (Watson Pharmaceuticals) operated by Chinese/Americans Allen Chao, Ph.D. and David Hsia, Ph.D is producing Chloroquine in the US in a place named CORONA in California!

Corona chloroquine

Make of this what you will. For me it is just a data point in a soup of red flags - but at least this one 'could' just be a 'meaningless coincidence'.


I can run off a long list of 'unusual' synchronicities regarding catalysing events which led to a centralisation of power and moves to push legislation further in that direction.. The 100+ examples of the twin towers in new york being destroyed by bombs in mainstream music and movie/tv prior to the 911 attacks.. The phrase 'sandy hook' appearing circled as a target on a map in the batman movie that was showing while the cinema shooting took place in Aurora... The reality that during the 9/11 attacks, the FAA and military were simulating EXACTLY the same kind of attack on the US simultaneously, leading to their response being confused.. The reality that the bill and melinda gates foundation simulated a CORONAVIRUS pandemic using a high budget and actors just a few days before the first Covid-19 patients were identified:

Maybe we should just stop watching 'the news' and watch the Simpsons for info about our world instead?

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Hi @ura-soul, welcome to Hive.
I agree that nCOV19 was likely biologically engineered in the Wuhan Level 4 Bio-Hazard Lab (Zero Hedge has plenty of evidence on this).

However to say it was "deliberately" created in the US as well as China seems a step too far.
Why would China and the US seek to create something that destroys their economies.
I say this was a stuff up, not a conspiracy.

Aloha! Welcome too :)

There are a long list of possible reasons. I suggest you check out the whistleblower from 2010 who predicted this, though obviously it is not proof of anything -

In general, moves of this kind can serve to form part of a 'problem reaction solution' plan that allows the established power groups to enact rules and systems that would otherwise not be acceptable. A world that is waking up and becoming self empowered is a world that moves beyond corrupt, centralised artificial power pyramids. The centralists can't have that - they need to generate reasons for the people to come to them for help and remain dependent on them.. Plus continue to build their wild levels of wealth in the process.

Just pay attention to new legislation that gets enacted to understand the patterns. The UK just passed covid 19 legislation so that it is no longer necessary to have two doctors agree before someone can be forcibly detained for mental health reasons - now they only need one doctor. How does that stop the spread of a virus? It doesn't.. But it does make it easier to remove dissenting voices. Power Grab.

I agree that it is very important to be careful about what freedoms are given up in this crisis and how to prevent them becoming permanent. The Israeli High Court stopped the government's plan to use anti-terrorism phone surveillance tech on citizens.
These are important fights to have.

Unfortunately, there are 'people' involved who would remove the right to breathe air if they thought they could.

Either we wake up and think about something, or we will be "depopulated" like cockroaches. Either we take the red pill and fight for your childrens right to be free or wait and distract ourselfs, to get force-vaxxed to death. I am not even exaggerating at this point. the invisible war has begun decades ago and its the NWO against the people of the planet not USA vs. CHINA


Unfortunately, to those who don't go beneath the surface and who just glance into 'conspiracy' groups that often contain inaccurate information, such ideas are just 'crazy'. Historians and those paying attention, however, will tend to disagree. Bill Gates is a key figure here I think, yes. I thought his quote about vaccines and lowered population had been misinterpreted because he seemed to me to be talking about increased health from vaccines leading to poorer families having less children due to lowered mortality. I thought that for sure, until I saw he had invested large amounts of money into developing a vaccine that turns off fertility in women! His father was head of 'planned parenthood' which it has been shown by researchers is the evolution (ironically) of the earlier eugenics movement. Additionally, I was the only researcher to highlight that one of Gates' 'personal engineers' was arrested at Gates' mansion with 6000+ images of child abuse / porn during the same year that Gates himself flew on Jeffrey Espstein's private plane.

Make of all that what you will.

Wait?, Justin Sun is from Wuhan? I must be in a simulation, this is getting too weird!

I have almost reached saturation point with this stuff - I don't know what is true anymore! I do know that a pandemic like this has been predicted for a long, long time - and I do believe that man's interference with nature has reached the point that we're bound to have some kind of kickback. - @riverflows

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By the way, the so called medication is a poison itself. To me, it doesn't make any sense using it for covid19. See this link and scroll down for the never ending negative effects it has. People please just take organic vitamin D and C.

Most synthetic drugs are a problem for the body and mind, yes. Natural approaches are always preferable and usually denied or not performed to the needed levels.

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